Thursday Cat Spam

Belle shows her musical side
Belle shows her musical side
Belle and Sprite with mustache July 9 2015
Mom, daughter and mustache
Scrabble Knot July 9 2015
Scrabble dreaming knotty dreams atop Mt. Circular Logic.
Trooper and Belle playing July 9 2015
Belle and Trooper had been playing tag until each hit their preferred base.

5 thoughts on “Thursday Cat Spam”

  1. I’m not sure the guitar is Belle’s favorite instrument–if I’m reading her expression correctly. Mom and daughter…is that a hint of “You aren’t the boss of me anymore” and “Sweetcakes, you will never be the boss of me, either”? Or something more conciliatory? And what IS the mustache? A toy? Brushings? Glad to see that Belle appears to be relaxing into a comfortable existence even if she’s still in negotiations with the Home Guard.

  2. The mustache is Belle’s favorite toy, that she brought with her from her previous home. It’s — a stuffed mustache, rather believably bristly. She croons to it when she carries it around (vertically, so it looks like she has a mustache — and yes, it’s a challenge not to laugh), and she makes sure to bring it with her if she plans to be in a certain room for a while.

    Scrabble Sprite actually hid in the closet and totally avoided Mom for the first three or four days Belle was here, so this proximity is actually a step forward.

  3. It’s pretty cool how you can directly see Sprite’s parentage in her markings. Of course, in my experience, what usually makes kittens have markings wildly different than their parents is if there is Siamese ancestry, which of course purebred coons would not have.

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