Catching up is hard to do

Well, let’s make the attempt, anyway.

I have finished reading both Dragon in Exile (#3200 in Books>Literature & Fiction>Literary on LOL), and Alliance of Equals (scheduled for publication in hardcover July-ish 2016.  Hoping to forestall the inevitable:  USUALLY the eArc, if there is one, is offered from Baen 3-4 months ahead of hard copy publication).  I find that Dragon does solve a problem that has been on the board since I Dare, advances both bishops and at least one knight, and puts the rook in a more advantageous position.  Which is to say, yes, Stuff Happens.  IMHO, of course.

Stuff also Happens in Alliance of Equals, and! byerlady, I’m betting that Stuff will happen in The Gathering Edge, which will, in part, take us back to Surebleak.  It will still, I fear, be a novel in which more than one character will be precipitating the Stuff that Happens, but that’s what we’ve got, this arc.

So, that.

Yesterday, Steve and I were waked early by clucking, and by Belle in Huntress Crouch in the bedroom’s back window.  We looked out to find four adult turkeys and about 20 chicks marching single-file along the edge of the grass and the wild-land.  I grabbed Sprite, and then Trooper, and took them to my office window, which overlooks the same section of our property, and we watched until we thought all of them had made a left hand turn into the weeds and trees just beyond the end of the house.  We kept to the window, listening to the clucking — and here came one more chick, peeping anxiously, clearly lost.  He stared around him, appeared to hear the peeping of the band, but not sure of his direction, took the air, landed in a birch tree more or less where the rest of the band had taken their left, apparently got his bearings and leapt into the air, heading for the head of the line.

Well!  You don’t get that kind of excitement every day, and, since we were awake, anyway, and it was a beautiful day, we drove down to the ocean, arriving just as the tide turned from low to high.

We walked on the beach at OOB for an hour or so, picnicked at Pine Point, then drove down to Wells, in order to Find the Town, which we did.  Goodness, it’s, um. . . packed tight.  Maybe six inches between the houses.  Maybe.  Drake’s Island is a little roomier.  I need to check a map, though.  From the drive, it looks like oceanside Wells is distributed between Drake’s Island, Wells Harbor, and Wells Itself, and the link between the three is Route 1 and only Route 1.

After Wells, we continued in a southerly direction, through Ogunquit, to pick up 95 and so to home.

It was a long day of driving, and I drove all of it, without falling asleep, which was another reason for making a long drive.

So, that was yesterday.

Today in the mail comes a “used” edition of Who Buries the Dead, about which I have a funny story.

I had originally ordered this book with The China Mirage, through ABEBooks, through a vendor in. . .Michigan, I think.  That vendor cancelled Who Buries, as being unavailable, but in good time sent on my non-fiction book, which — surprise! — is a brand-new hardcover.

In the meantime, I went back to ABEBooks and saw that there were two copies of Who Buries at a price I was willing to spend — one copy in the UK and one copy in New Jersey.  I ordered the book said to be in Jersey, which I received today.

It, too, is a brand-new hardcover, but that’s not the interesting part.

The interesting part is the mailing label.  The book was sent to me from — wait for it — the UK vendor, Ltd — with a return address of 801 Penhorn Ave, in Secaucus, New Jersey, arriving via Global Mail.

Also today, I have brushed three coon cats and clipped claws.  Scrabble also wished to be brushed and I tried to accommodate her, but I was using the Wrong Brush.  As always, she declined to have her nails done.

As soon as I’m finished this blog post, I’ll vacuum the house, which for some reason looks like four cats live here, and get on with the rest of the day.  Also, I think we may be expecting a box of authors’ copies of Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume 3.  Which would mean that the books we’re to sign for the Uncle can’t be far behind.

. . .I think that catches us up, except for the part where I need to figure out a good reason to drive down to the ocean once a week and walk on the beach for an hour or so.  Hmmm…

Oh, and Steve has been wandering around the house today, taking Sekrit Cat Pictures.  Here’s one of Belle, helping me read Alliance of Equals:

Belle at work.  Photo by Steve Miller
Belle at work. Photo by Steve Miller



10 thoughts on “Catching up is hard to do”

  1. I know you read your books and I was wondering if you ever listen to them from Audible? I listen to the series all the time and most of them are a great listen. I loved Dragon in Exile but was disappointed in the guy who read the book cause he didn’t get a lot of the Liaden pronunciation right and he just made a lot of Clan Korval sound pompous. My sister and I listen to the books together and love them, it’s something we get to share but it looks like we will be reading Dragon in Exile instead of listening, thank goodness we buy the books in ebook, hard copy and audio. Thanks for writing such a wonderful series! Do you know who will be doing the next book in the series for Audible? I hope it’s not the same guy who did Dragon in Exile, or maybe he could listen to some of the other books and get some pointers that would help his interpretation of the characters.

  2. Just finished Dragon in Exile myself – and yes. Things definitely happen, threads are extend and begin to braid, and it’s _fun_ to read! I started it one morning, meaning to read a couple chapters before I got on with my day – 4 hours later an alarm went off and I abandoned it 3/4 done (and nothing else done, grrr!). I do want to re-read the last couple books, not because I was confused but to refresh my memory of details of events referenced in Dragon. And already looking forward to Alliance of Equals!

  3. No, I don’t listen to books — ours or others. If I had a long commute, or something — but I don’t have the need.

    I’m guessing that Kevin T. Collins will be narrating all five of the novels in this arc. My impression is that Audible tries to keep the same narrator through an arc/series, for the sake of consistency. With so many arcs, we don’t exactly make it easy for them.

  4. I have very fond memories of Ogunquit. My college boyfriend liked to drive up there to stargaze. In winter. (We were young and warmer blooded then.)

    Belle looks adorable in that image.

  5. The reason for driving to the coast once a week is that the Author NEED that time and space for the creative process
    And THAT should be reason enough. Necessity Exists.

  6. I have gotten hooked on the audiobooks too. That way I can knit and read at the same time. I was also disappointed in the narration of Dragon in Exile for the same reasons. Perhaps he will do a better job with the pronunciation on the next one. The most jarring mistake was turning Edger into Edgar. One can hope.

  7. That’s a bad mistake. The only thing I can suggest, to those who are Very Disappointed in the narration is to write to Audible Management with your specific concerns, politely, but firmly, and, as you’ve done here, citing specific problems in the narration.

  8. Thanks to today’s notes, I’ve just purchased “Dragons In Exile”. Hoping the Narrator, Collins, isn’t too off-putting, but it won’t keep me from the listen. I am a long hop from salt water, but it is in my blood.

    Thanks for doing what you do.

  9. A full rich day! 🙂

    Belle certainly looks contented. Good for her, and for you too!

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