In which there are warnings and updates

Warning first, because that’s fair.

Do not try me today.
I really mean this.
I have no spoons, but I have lots of knives.
Thank you for your attention.

Now, Updates!

1.  The Gift of Magic, an echapbook collecting two stories previously published on, “The Gift of Music,” and “The night don’t seem so lonely,” is now available in the Kindle and the Nook stores at Amazon/BN respectively.

1a.  Yes, I know the stories are individually available on the web for free.  Thank you.

1b.  I am exploring the possibility of publishing this chapbook to other ebook venues, and will make an announcement if and when exploration comes to fruition.  Yes, I know about Smashwords, thank you.  I have also recently been pointed at Draft to Digital, thank you.

1c. The Gift of Magic is dignified as Archers Beach #5.  The Archers Beach books are, in order:

Archers Beach ONE: Carousel Tides
Archers Beach TWO: Carousel Sun
Archers Beach THREE: Carousel Seas
Archers Beach FOUR: Surfside
Archers Beach FIVE: The Gift of Magic

2.  A Liaden Universe® Constellation Volume III is now available as an ebook in the Nook and Kindle stores.  It may also be available in the ebook store you prefer; it’s worth checking out the possibility.

2a.  The paper edition of Constellation III is due to be in stores on August 4.

2b.  Those who preordered signed/personalized editions from Uncle Hugo, be of good heart.  The books have not yet arrived here at the Confusion Factory, but we expect them at any moment.  As soon as they do arrive, be assured that we will sign and personalized just as quickly as we’re able, and will get the books back on the road to Minneapolis so that they can be mailed to you.

2c.  Yes, the book includes only reprints of short stories. No, I don’t know why Baen doesn’t publish the TOC in the book summary.  The stories included are:

Code of Honor (Splinter Universe, 2014)
Eleutherious (, 2013)
Guaranteed Delivery (Splinter Universe, 2011)
Intelligent Design (, 2011)
Kin Ties (Splinter Universe, 2011)
King of the Cats (SRM Publisher, Ltd., 2002 in The Cat’s Job)
Landed Alien (, 2012)
Moon’s Honor (Splinter Universe, 2013)
Out of True (, 2013)
Roving Gambler (Splinter Universe, 2014)
The Rifle’s First Wife (Splinter Universe, 2014)
The Space at Tinsori Light (Splinter Universe, 2011)

3.  We hear through the grapevine that Offworld Designs has begun shipping Tree-and-Dragon shirts to those people who ordered.  They are now in the process of compiling a big enough pile of orders to do a second printing/embroidering.  Here’s the search page for the Liaden items available.  Please note that it is a search page; you must click on the image of the shirt of  your choice in order to get detailed information.

3a.  Yes, the only shirt color at this time is black.  Yes, the thread/printing is gold.  No, I’m sorry, there are no ladies tees available at this time.

4.  The Nature Conservancy reports a successful treatment for White Nose Syndrome, which has been killing off the bat population at breathtaking rates.  Here’s your link.

4a.  Yes, I am aware that some people loathe and revile bats.  I am not one of them.

5. Sprite and Belle had Second Breakfast together this morning:

Second Breakfast at the Cat Farm July 24 2015.  Sprite (l), Belle (r)
Second Breakfast at the Cat Farm July 24 2015. Sprite (l), Belle (r)

3 thoughts on “In which there are warnings and updates”

  1. Lovely to see Belle getting settled in so well and especially like the picture with tails. I like bats, though prefer to keep them out of my office and house.
    Also, sorry you and Steve both seem to be having a difficult day with inadvertent readers or others.

  2. Thank you especially for the completeness of all this information, the book order, all the titles. I’m bookmarking this post for future reference, to pass on to friends.
    I haven’t paid attention to bat conservation, but I quite like bats, so I’m very glad of this news.
    Alas, that things have vexed. I wish you a cup of tea, in spirit.

  3. Thanks for the recent postings of books you have read this year…you have introduced me to C. S. Harris, and Sebastian St. Cyr….never read her before, have read all of her sister Penelope Williamson’s works, had no clue of the relationship…happily engrossed in the first of the series.

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