He walked up to me and he asked me if I wanted to dance

Well, rats.

I had a dental appointment this morning, which I wasn’t exactly looking forward to, being the fan that I am, though I was sorta looking forward to this afternoon, if you take my meaning.  Unfortunately, the dentist’s office called at 8:30 with the news that my hygienist was out sick and could I reschedule?  In fact! the receptionist said, someone had just cancelled, and she could fit me into that slot — would that be OK?  I said sure, thinking the cancellation would be sometime this week, rather than. . .

September 29.


Turns out Belle’s a Crystals fan.  Who knew?

In World News, we are receiving reports that the Liaden Universe® shirts are arriving at their Forever Homes.  If your hasn’t arrived yet, watch the skies.

In the interests of Compleat and Accurate Reportage in re ebookery, I must say that Smashwords has surprised me.  I received notice yesterday that the epub of Writing Neep that I created at D2D and then submitted to Smashwords, has been approved for their premium catalog.  This despite the lack of the Magic Words.  This is interesting.  Sadly, since it’s already in distribution through D2D, I had to take it off sale, to avoid duplication.

Today’s going to be a hot one here in East Winslow, the first in a series of progressively hotter days.  Well, it is summer; I guess we’ll give it a couple high-80s/low-90s days.  The cats are already practicing being melted, and, honestly, I should get on with chores before I melt, though the dental cancellation threw me off.

Well, one more cup of coffee, and — onward!

Belle taking her turn communing with the treasures
Belle taking her turn communing with the treasures

Today’s blog post brought to you by The Crystals, at Belle’s request:  Then He Kissed Me.  Here’s your link.


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