Trooperversary Two

Today, we here at the Cat Farm celebrate the second anniversary of Trooper joining the professional staff, and taking up his duties as Companion to the Old Guy and Lieutenant Director of Coon Cat Services.  For this momentous occasion we of course have planned many Celebratory Events, most of which are on hold as the Guest of Honor naps in the sunshine.

The photographer has been asked to put off portrait-taking until later in the day.

I am, as I type, awaiting the mailman. In a Just and Merciful Universe, today’s snailmail delivery will include the the D&A check for Alliance of Equals, which will catch up all monies due in the first half of the year.  Then, we get to sit down and figure out the updated budget, a task which would be much easier, had we the bill from the mason.  Well, perhaps today’s mail will be doubly fruitful.

After the mailman’s passage, I-or-we will need to venture out to Home Despot in order to pick up primer, and a tarp; possibly a roller pan.  Will look downstairs and be certain what we have.

This just in!  The D&A check has arrived, which is eggselent.  The invoice from the mason has not arrived, which is less eggselent, but!  We have a Plan B in place:  assume that the final bill is twice as much as the estimate, set that aside, and then get with budgeting for the rest of the year.

The game of Cat Chess continues with remarkably little in the way of open hostilities.  Trooper has recovered his usual good nature, and taken the Official Stance that he is Not Inconvenienced in the Slightest, nor will he be.  Sprite, I’m pleased to say, has worked out and adopted a Strategy which may actually be a winner.  She has identified all the various boxes and baskets in the house as Sprite’s Boxes and Baskets, by pointedly sleeping in them when Belle is in the same room, and firmly refusing to be rousted from them.  She has decided on the wide-eyed, “Yes, this is MY place,” look, which is non-confrontational while being completely unassailable.  Belle is, for the moment, at least, not pushing the issue, but is contenting herself with occupying Certified Cat Spots which are NOT presently occupied by cats.

I have suggested to Belle that it’s not necessary that she Win; that she can simply Fit In, but I’m not sure she understands.

And now?  I’m off to inventory painting supplies before I go off to town.


4 thoughts on “Trooperversary Two”

  1. As one who has introduced adults cats to a feline-rich household, I am greatly enjoying seeing the melding strategies through another family’s eyes. It sounds like Maine Coons are a very civil, dignified breed. My Singapuras are more along the lines of one-for-all, all-for-one mentality. After the first 24 hours of ‘who the heck are you’?, things tend to settle down fairly quickly. Our retired queens, almost to a cat, develop an alliance of retired royalty, and go forth to ensure all neuters present well remember they are merely jumped-up kittens, regardless of any disproportionate sizes. I will admit it never fails to amuse to see a 5-lb retired queen put a 9-10 lb neuter in his place, and it amuses even more to see the larger male accept the chastisement and act all kitteny!

  2. Am I remembering wrong, or isn’t Belle Sprite’s mother? I ask because I once had cause to imtroduce into a theee cat household the daughter of one of the three, they having been separated for five years. After a couple hours of armed standoff, one of them sniffed the other and immediately chirped. At which point, the mama washed the daughter and then bullied her two friends into accepting the interloper as well.

  3. Belle’s predicament reminds me of what my father used to quote (often) “How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child.”

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