But he doesn’t know his /m/i/m/e/o duplicator!


I have been Arithmeticking all morning and my head hurts.  However!  The mason has been paid, and the budget put into place.  As a reward for adulting, I have ordered in “Dirty Dancing” (which for some reason, we did not own) and “To Wong Fu Thanks for Everything Julie Neumar” (which I never heard of, but which looks like fun).

For supper, Steve made us pork chops with mushroom and onion pan gravy, and a salad, which was wonderful.  In a few minutes, we’ll be going into town to — oh, wait!  I forgot to tell you, that —

Yesterday, which was, as you’ll recall, Trooperversary Two, Steve and I left the Guest of Honor to nap, while we went to Charlie’s Subaru in Augusta and bought Steve a car:  a 2011 ruby red pearl Outback.  Pretty car, low miles.  Argent the Forester lasted 13 years before Winter Salt and moisture claimed it.  May this car do as well.

So!  In a few minutes we’ll be going into town to register the new vehicle and get plates; and also maybe drop down to Waterville and poke around the Restore, which I have not yet been in.  Then back to Cat Farm for more work-reading.

No, I don’t know how we stand the pace, either.

Hope everyone is having a pleasant day.

Today’s blog post comes to you via the play, “Mimeo Man,” adapted by Debbie Notkin, Eli Cohen, Moshe Feder, Meredith Willson, and Aseneth Hammond, performed at Minicon 11.  You can learn more here.

EDITED TO ADD:  I got the line wrong in the title — fixed now.

And, in keeping with the theme of dancing, here’s a dancing video.

You’re welcome.


3 thoughts on “But he doesn’t know his /m/i/m/e/o duplicator!”

  1. If you liked Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert … you’ll love To Wong Foo …

  2. Nice that people still remember our show.

    I wish I could have been present to see the Minicon production and that the video of the dress rehearsal had been done properly.

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