Quick update

EPIC thunderstorm came through while we were eating lunch.  Lost 13 degrees and flooded the kitchen floor!  You know your thunderstorm’s a success when the kitchen floor floods.  The weatherbeans have us under a storm watch until 7:00 tonight, so we may have more excitement in our immediate future.  Next time, though, we’ll close the kitchen door, even if the wind is amazing!

And!  Because I know y’all are on the edge of your chairs:  Update on the status of Alliance of Equals.

1.  I have finished inputting all the correx.  Manuscript now stands at more-or-less 102,638 words.  Also?  We have used up every sticky tab in the house.

2.  The rest of today and tomorrow will involve writing and polishing the final scenes.  (No, it’s fine.  Really.  Everything’s on schedule.  Promise.)

2a.  After we’re satisfied with 2, we’ll need to double-check if we need to go back and sharpen That Scene There, or if it plays well as it is.

3.  Steve is putting the finishing touches on the Cast of Characters.

4. We anticipate a smooth compiling and that the manuscript will be on Madame’s desk on Monday.  So we can, yanno, pack.

And that’s it.  Situation normal.  Except for the packing part.  Also, I’m liable to spend a lot of our non-bookstore-time sleeping on this tour, because — end-of-book brain.

I’m turning the internets off now so I can get some work done.  Y’all stay safe.

10 thoughts on “Quick update”

  1. Holy crap. That must have been quite sudden to flood the kitchen! Good luck with the endgame on the book. I look forward to seeing it in the wild.

  2. It was our own fault. We left the door open so we could have the wind, and figured the roof would keep the worst of the rain out. Which it would’ve done. Only there was the wind. . .

  3. While storm-watching is exciting, this is not a reliable way to wash the kitchen floor. Plus it is likely to unnerve the cats.

  4. Yep, that was some storm! My husband rushed to the train station to rescue me from it, but alas, he was about ten seconds too late. It was like being blasted with a fire hose.

  5. We were very fortunate to be able to enjoy it from the comfort of our home. I see in the paper that some poor woman was driving around those stupid roads at the Augusta Marketplace when the storm hit and her car was swept off the road by a combination of wind, rain, and mud. Eeek.

  6. Love a good thunderstorm, but the floor!!

    Loved Dragon in Exile! Thank you! Do you know when Alliance of Equals is expected to be released into my greedy hands?

  7. We haven’t even turned Alliance in, deah. To to the best of my knowledge, that means it’s not been scheduled, because Madame is a canny woman, and she has dealt with writers before.

  8. Ok. Forgive my greed. Is Exile going to audiobook format at some point? it’s not showing up on Audible searches.

  9. As far as I know, the audio edition will be released on the hardcover’s release date (though “hardcover release” is pretty a meaningless date, given the eArc release, the eBook release, and the early release of the book) — June 2.

    Oops. Narrator is Kevin Collins.

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