Penultimate Draft and Postcard Distribution

The penultimate draft of Alliance of Equals is printing out as I type this.  After some very minor tweakage this morning, the draft now stands at 102,268 words/424 double-spaced pages.  My project for the next couple of days will be to do a rolling edit, while Steve takes on the taming of the Cast of Characters.  We are, yes, still in line to turn the script in before we leave on the book tour, though it may go into email next Monday, instead of Sunday.

So, that.

Next subject is postcards, of which we have received many, from Simon and Schuster, for “our own use.”  Asyouknowbob, with the exception of the upcoming book tour, Steve and I are not traveling this year, which limits the ability of the postcards to go out into the world and do as ghod intended them to do.

Which is where you come in.

If you are willing to take a small pack of postcards to your local bookstore, your book discussion group, library, science fiction club, or local convention, please drop me a note at rolanniATkorvalDOTcom, with your name and address, and we will mail said postcards to you.

It goes without saying that local custom must be observed in the matter of placing the cards.  Do ask the bookstore manager or the person who takes care of the SF section, or the librarian if you may leave the cards, and if they demur, please be gracious.  Some folks don’t like post cards cluttering up their counters; others adore post cards and can’t get enough.

Oh!  And lest I forget — now that Dragon in Exile is hitting mailboxes everywhere, in multiple formats, and some folks really, really want to talk about it, but of course don’t want to spoil the story for those who haven’t yet gotten (or read) their book — wow.  Run-on sentence much?  Anyway!  If you want to talk about Dragon in Exile, a spoiler thread has been opened.  Here’s your link.

Manuscript awaiting an author
Manuscript awaiting an author

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  1. I’m glad the Patreon/patronage money has allowed you two to write with fewer worries. I’m looking forward to reading Alliance of Equals. I emailed you about postcards.

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