In which there are bills in the mail

Visited the vampires early this morning; afterwards moved on to Starbucks for mocha and bagel.  They were out of multigrain bagels so I had to be content with an Everything Bagel.  O! woe is me.

Home to find bills in the mail, and that the UPS account number, possession of which will magically get one cool dozen boxes of books out of my living room and on the bus to Minneapolis, is apparently none so easy to acquire.  Two fiddles at the UPS online form, one email to those who had provided the pre-paid labels, which do NOT include the account number, a third fiddle at the online form, one phone call to UPS, one phone call to the label providers, one more go at the online form, and we have ignition!  Boxes to be picked up no later than 3:00 today.


I now await a call from yet another doctor’s office, to let me know if the appointment set up for Wednesday is actually needed.  I’m not very much in charity with the doctor or her office at this particular moment, and if they fear being in my Black Book (as who would not?), they’ll get cracking and give me a call-back.

Also, I am exhausted, which I blame on the vampires, and which is not useful at the moment, since I have work to do.  So!  I’ll be arising from the comfy chair in just a moment to make a pot of coffee.

In other news, it’s cloudy and cold in East Winslow, and, honestly, if it’s going to be as cloudy and damp as all that, it might as well rain and have done.

And that?  Is all I got.

Everybody stay safe.

6 thoughts on “In which there are bills in the mail”

  1. You have slain the mighty UPS pickup form, while being down a pint or two of blood. You’re entitled to some fatigue. Bagels take awhile to kick in but it will happen soon.

  2. Coffee is a handy substitute for many things, blood may well be one of them. Please tell us if this is a True Fact or just an internet meme. May UPS make you book boxless by sundown!

  3. May the docs determine soon that you are well and in no immediate Need for more appointments, Sharon.

  4. Here’s hoping you can stay home on Wednesday!

    We finally got a bit of much-needed rain overnight; perhaps you did as well…

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