In which Lee and Miller still do not allow fanfic of their work

We have said this many, many times in the past; and I’m kind of sick of the whole topic, but apparently we have to renew our stance on Liaden (and other Lee-and-Miller and Lee and Miller) fanfic every so often because the wiki entry where we’re supposed to listed among those authors who do not sanction fanfic of their work, I dunno, disappears from the web?  Or people think we’ll change our minds and stop being so mean?  Ot they just don’t care what stupid authors say? or. . .something.

So!  No — that’s NO, the opposite of yes — we do not sanction fanfic of our work.  Don’t do it.

Thank you.

The fine print:  Yes, I do realize that I can’t stop you from doing whatever the hell you want to do, that the pie is large, the author got it wrong and, and, and…As I’ve said, we’ve been ’round this barn more than once, I’ve heard the reasons and the justifications.  I do think, however, that, if you really, really really love an author’s work so much that you can’t stop thinking about their characters and their world, you could respect the author’s wishes with regard to that work.

And if you can’t do that, then I really think less of you.

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