She believes that life is made up of all that you’re used to

So, Friday the 13th; the second Friday the 13th in a row.

I woke up with my back aching, a little, and in an unusual place.  We here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory know all about low back pain, but this was. . .higher.  In accordance  with my Usual Procedures in re back pain, I swallowed a couple aspirin and took myself to town to run errands (among which was purchasing make-up, something I do…seldom.  Boy, has makeup changed.  Though I did see a eyebrow stencil.  Haven’t seen one of those since my grandmother’s vanity.  But I digress.)

By the time I got home, the back pain was. . .annoying.  I took another couple aspirin and lay down on a heating pad for 45 minutes before the afternoon meal, only to find when I arose to eat that the pain. . .was worse.

A lot worse.

And I now had additional pain, in my right arm, plus I was also slightly sick to my stomach.  We consulted.  Steve called my doctor, because by this point, the pain in my back was shooting off fireworks of more intense pain utilizing a playlist of its own devising, and it was all I could do to stay upright.

The doctor’s office gave us a 4:00 appointment and we arrived in some disorder, Steve driving.  In due time, I was examined, several possibilities were dismissed for the moment, though held in reserve, in case of This or That manifesting.

Muscle relaxants and pain medicine were prescribed, and filled, and taken with dispatch.

I spent the rest of Friday afternoon on my back on the heating pad, listening to my mp3 player, which was a lifesaver, since it turned out that I had misjudged the number of T3 I ought take — I have never in the past needed more than one to get any pain down to a manageable level — and so prolonged my period of pain.  I took two T3 when the second hit was allowed, and more muscle relaxants, listened to Steve read the next chapter of The Kif Strike Back, and so to sleep, surrounded by coon cats.

Yesterday was pretty much sitting in the big blue chair, dozing-reading-dozing, and the early part of today, also.  I believe the situation is now under control — and I have a whole new level of pain to use as a benchmark.

This afternoon, I’m going to show up at the work-in-progress and see if, indeed, my brain has recovered from his brief fling with narcotics.

In other news!

It’s snowing in East Winslow.

Today’s blog title brought to you by Matchbox 20, “3am”.  Here’s your link.


8 thoughts on “She believes that life is made up of all that you’re used to”

  1. My body likes to add sneezing to the back pain. Apparently it’s getting even with me for things I’ve put it through. I hope your body is nicer to you.

  2. I hate it when that kind of stuff happens. Codeine in anything makes me drowsy and stupid, and muscle relaxants usually knock me out.

  3. Um. Has anyone considered your heart? Sharp and spreading pain plus nausea makes me nervous. You didn’t go into detail on what was held in reserve, so the doctor may have considered and dismissed it..but if it wasn’t considered, I’d suggest it to your doctor.

  4. Some worry and concern here about the increased pain; hope to read that you’re feeling better and more alert soon.

  5. Your symptoms sound VERY like a (woman’s) heart attack. I do know because I had one last year. They’re not easy to diagnose. It took the doctors in the ER an hour to decide that yes, indeed, that was what was happening to me. Bad pain between the shoulder blades, radiating out; waves of chest discomfort; mild nausea. An MRI showed arterial blockage. I needed stents. The aspirin may have saved your life. Temporarily. Please do have it checked. I enjoy your books and want to read many more in the future!

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