And in Archers Beach

Frequent auditors of this blog will perhaps recall that, in addition to my work with Steve in the Liaden Universe®, I’ve written a contemporary fantasy trilogy* set in a partly fictional Maine beach town called Archers Beach.

Archers Beach is, of course, based on Old Orchard Beach — a real Maine beach town and one of the state’s prime tourist attractions.

For those coming in late, there’s an Archers Beach photo album here (I’m told Pinterest has taken to mangling the pictures for non-Pinterest members, which strikes me as. . .rude, and, yes, before anyone says so, I should move the pictures to Some Other, More Inclusive Place, which I’ll surely do after I’ve finished all the things in-queue ahead of it).

Now, the problem with the above album (setting aside Pinterest) is that all the pictures are taken during clement weather:  High Season, Pre-Season, After-Season.  I don’t get to the ocean in High Winter, mostly because I’m usually snowed in here in the center of the state, and so that Season has bee unrepresented, until now.

The Portland Press Herald has put together a very nice video of Old Orchard Beach in the winter.  Be sure your speakers are turned on, so you can hear the wind moving against the carousel’s storm doors.  Here’s your link.


*Carousel Tides, Carousel Sun, Carousel Seas, available at fine bookstores everywhere, including Uncle Hugo’s; in ebook editions from Baen, and the Usual Suspects; and as audiobooks, from Audible.

3 thoughts on “And in Archers Beach”

  1. No; I think we’ll stop at trilogy. Most of the threads are tied up, and you (Universal You) can see the characters going on with their lives from the end of Seas. While there will undoubtedly be some interesting times ahead for them, I don’t think we need to dog their every footstep. One of the problems I, personally, have with open ended urban fantasy series is the necessity to keep upping the ante, in terms of monsters to be slain. What I wanted to do with Archers Beach was to explore. . .quiet magic and how it would interface with the mundane world. I’ve done what I came to do; I think I did a good job.

    And honestly, you know? Getting a trilogy out of what was supposed to be a standalone novel isn’t too bad. 🙂

  2. Thanks, for your answer and for the books. I look forward to the next installment in the Liaden universe.

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