Yesterday, the sun was shining

Yesterday, it was sunny and bright and cold, naturally.

We were early on the road, and accomplished a few errands — stopping at the post office to mail a package, picking up the framed art for Dragon in Exile (which looks Even. More. Awesome.), doing the banking — before landing at the dentist’s office for my appointment.  I am inordinately proud to report that I accomplished this without the use of valium or happy-drugs of any kind.  Nor did I murder the technician, who had the foresight to squirt my gums and teeth with a fast-acting numbing agent, so I could relax (for values of relaxing) in the knowledge that no way was this going to hurt.


After the dentist, since it was, as reported sunny, and because neither of us has been ANYwhere save the grocery store, the pharmacy, and the doctor since we got home from PhilCon. . .we went for a ride.  It was soooooo clear that we went All the Way Out to Madison, just so we could take the high ridge road and look out over the mountains of Maine and of Far New Hampshire, some of them wearing snow caps, and all of them magnificent against the day-sky.

We made the choice, when the ridge road disappeared at Route 201, to turn right, back toward Skowhegan and civilization, rather than follow the sun out to Solon and Jackman, and be obliged to drive home in the dark.

On the way home, we stopped for lunch at the Flatlanda Restaurant, in Fairfield.  I have liver and onions, Steve had lemon-crusted haddock; both meals were good, and plenty too much.  I brought half of mine home.  Tangentially, Trooper informs me that Maine Coon Cats are Very Partial to liver.

Last night, I opened Chapter 12 of Alliance of Equals and added 335 words.  Theses would be the first 335 new words I’ve added to this manuscript for seven weeks, so I’m calling Progress.  Today, I hope for more.

Today is another day like yesterday:  sunny, blue, and cold, but I’m scheduled to stay in with my to-do list to hand.  On the schedule, in addition to writing this blog post, and writing, is the Grooming of the Coon Cats (Scrabble only allows Steve to groom her).

What’s on your to-do list today?

* * *

Progress on Alliance of Equals
40,803/100,000 OR 40.8% COMPLETE

There had been doors. He remembered the old wooden door; the main door into Jelaza Kazone; the tree-and-dragon worn smooth by the palms of countless homecoming Korval pilots.

11 thoughts on “Yesterday, the sun was shining”

  1. Putting words on the book file and hoping they stick, alternating with putting rows on the current sock projects. One sock of each (the turquoise pair and the Herdwick pair) is past the gussets and venturing forth onto the foot–well over half done, that means. One sock of each is presently stuck at the start of the gusset decreases, the bottom not yet joined to the top by the first critical row of picking up stitches. My goal today is to get both of those second socks connected and past the first gusset decrease row.

    It’s cold and raining, which makes it much easier to stay inside and write and knit. Unfortunately for my plans, I found Twitter before actually starting to work on teh book. Bad puppy, no biscuit.

  2. The fragment is wonderful!

    Today–I stay home and tend this fever/cough/sore throat combo that swooped down on me yesterday. Bah! And may none of my hapless coworkers who were exposed to me come down with this either. Resident cat views my remaining at home as a mixed blessing. On the one hand, she has lap access *all day* (oh the joy!). On the other hand, laps are not supposed to suffer from cough-quakes. If her glares of disapproval were strong enough, I’d be well by now!

  3. Today’s list wast short:
    Sleep until noon
    See the foot doctor.

    I am proud to report that I have competed half the list already.

  4. YAY for no pain, happy promenade and new words!
    Today I am at work reading up on requirements for new functionalities. Will they work the way the requestors ask? Hardly ever but you have to start somewhere.

    I am fighting something – the sinuses are Not Happy. I have to visit the docs anyway to get some Rxs renewed so I might just stop off on my way home and whine a bit. I just pray that whateveritis is not the same virus my co-worker has been fighting for 3 weeks.

  5. My great-niece is coming back for the second semester of college, so I have madly been house-cleaning. Her bathroom done, dishes done, first load of laundry in the washer, vacuum being done now by George, my Roomba, and now I can settle down to read,,after taking allergy medicine due to the dust under the bed where I had to get things out so he could clean. Oh, and playing hearts online with my husband. Don’t think I will do anything else all day to make up for it.

  6. Thank you for the snippet! And hurrah for painless dentistry and sunny promenades in the wilds of our beautiful state! I am so happy you are both feeling so much better. Mazel Tof for New Words!!
    Today, my list also includes dentistry, laundry, and paper work. I have accomplished all but the dentist but that is scheduled for late afternoon.
    For now, LUNCH

  7. What’s the deal with the dentists? I suffered the ministrations of my demon hygienist on Tuesday myself. “Floss more,” she said threadily.

  8. When cats like liver it has been my experience that they REALLY like liver. The cat of my youth preferred raw liver, but cooked would do. To defend it from all possible thieves he’d haul it out of the dish and go and hide (growling) under the stereo. Absolute favorite was moose liver, which actually might be possible in your part of the world

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