The state of the Rolanni

The second round of antibiotics will be done on Sunday, whereupon I will be cured.

So, I decree, and so shall it be.

(Betting pool is now open:  Am I the Empress of the Universe, or am I not?)

Things — THINGS — that had been let to slide are slowly getting caught up.  For instance, while we were ill, any-and-everything that wasn’t A-List (by which I mean — business, bill paying, cat caring), and wasn’t clearly Z-List (adverts from the Dish Network, solicitations for new credit cards, life insurance pitches, &c) got set aside in a pile — PILE.  The PILE had reached rather alarming proportions by the time either one of us was feeling well enough to cope, and the first idea was — let’s just swoop all of that stuff right into the trash.

Well, on the day that plan occurred, there wasn’t enough energy between us to implement it, which was probably a good thing.  The second plan — which we are calling Plan B — is to go through a few things every day and so winnow the PILE down responsibly, in case there should actually be something that was, oh B, or even C-List and needed personal attention.

So, that’s what we’ve been doing there.

We’ve also been slowly catching up on non-A-List housekeeping, and laundry and whatnot.  Today, I vacuumed the house, chopped up onions for freezing, finished up the laundry, did the dishes (note to self: teach Boopsie the Wise to do dishes).

Also, over the last week or so, I’ve been communing with Alliance of Equals, and all the leftover notes from the previous book, handling things, reading (but not editing), and just slowly sinking back into the story and the characters, after our long separation.

I’m feeling confident that I am now well enough, and well enough in tune with the story, to start adding new material without breaking anything.  There are, thank ghod, nice, clear hooks set in — In that regard, at least, this is no Dragon in Exile.

And, yes, I am still bitter that we had to ask for an extension on this one.  It had all been going together so nicely. . .


Tomorrow morning, I have a dentist appointment, and some errands to run.  Tomorrow evening, I intend to open a new file in Alliance, and get writing.

Also, sometime soon, but probably not until after the antibiotics are finished, and I’ve given the cough time to come back, if it’s gonna — I need to find a new gym, and also a group, or a book club, or a volunteer gig (though not, I think, at the hospital) to add into the schedule.

And that?  Is all I’ve got.

How’s the new year treating you guys?

5 thoughts on “The state of the Rolanni”

  1. 1 car wreck (family unhurt, car in shop) caused by person rear-ending our car and shoving it into the car in front of us.

    2 bouts of unmentionable (below the belt) crud for one of us, 1 bout each for the other two. One ongoing through three (now) sunny days that could otherwise have been used for useful outdoor stuff like planting the early greens.

    1 sore neck of the person who was NOT in the car wreck, due to her bouncing around offroad on a bicycle with a helmet cam on. A helmet cam determined to record videos that were upside down.

    1 case of upsidedownosis in a helmet cam, cured today by discovering the FLIP command in the camera which was not referenced in the manual. (WIN!)

    All preparations but 1 now complete for the concert that one of us has been trail-bossing. (Wait…all but two…)

  2. Car back from the shop, no longer smelling of leaking gasoline.

    Kidneys should be in the shop, but (alas) none available at our tech level. Spoke with the transplant people. Suspect my strategy of being in good enough health to avoid dialysis may have almost run its course.

    Cat remains in good health, though we are apparently unable to get appropriate weather for her intended sojourns outside.

    The last of the Christmas Tree was exiled, that being the needle-y bits all over the floor. The tree itself waits patiently on the side porch, until I am healthy enout to have a bonfire. Ornaments will eventually return to storage under the eaves, hopefully in a nice well-labelled box. (As is my intent every year.)

    I wish you had not mentioned laundry, however. I shall have to fine time and energy to put that into my schedule.

  3. 1 – learned how to begin making bobbin lace from one Phyl Irene Radford (got to meet, her, that was awesome… I just happened to mention you guys as my favorite authors, and she oh-so-nonchalantly said “Oh, yeah! I’m friends with those guys!” Well, of COURSE you are, and then we bemoaned your impending absence at Sasquan…

    1 – got adopted by a nice kitty we have named Tuxedo, who just happened to have managed to avoid the pack of coyotes living across the road, and just happens to exactly fit the description of “the perfect cat” as given by our nearly-seven-year-old daughter.

    2 – MMR shots given to children susceptible to adverse vaccine response, but with a chelation protocol, so far so good, whew!

    1 – very nearly immediate neuter/shots/exam/flea treatment appt scheduled once we’d determined Tuxedo was not chipped and up for grabs as it were… tomorrow I head out early to take him to his appt while hubby takes the kids to school… and meanwhile there is a suddenly very talkative tom in my downstairs bathroom. Daughter Lilu has already made a KEEP OUT sign so we don’t inadvertently let him into the company of our two house kitties… there have yet to be proper introductions after all.

    1 – somewhat vexed house kitty showing her displeasure at having some strange tom in the bathroom.

    1 – somewhat more nonchalant house kitty acting very much like she just doesn’t care at all.

    1 – Costco-provided “automatic” litter box… you roll it onto it’s top, then back again and all the clumped stuff goes into a container you can pull out and dump right into wherever you put them, without ever having to sift through anything. Somewhat unwieldy, but ever so much more fun than scooping and breathing litter dust!

  4. New training emplemented for wr)k. Less pressure on some things, good. Have to be In Office, not so good.
    Selling some crochet, good,
    buying Too Much Yarn, not so good.

    Hoping to see Ursula Vernon and Kevin Sonney at Foolscap in Redmond WA on 1/30 or 1/31. (Dare I hope for both?)

  5. Hoping you won’t need more antibiotics. Based on my current extended personal experience, I hope you’ve been doing probiotics and Greek yogurt, and that they help with the after-effects. Also personally still hoping for enough resurgence of brainpower to read anything new or energy to want to knit.

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