Wednesday evening cat spam

People frequently send us pictures of cats and ask, “Are your Maine Coon cats THIS big?”

The answer is that all cats are exactly as big as they need to be, and that size is at all times Bigger Than You, but we find that there are some who are more literal in their approach.  They actually want to know how big our cats are.

So!  Because we’re in the weather rocking chair between two winter storms, and it’s dark out already, and Steve happened to have a camera in his hand, and I happened to have a Maine Coon cat to paw, here are pictures demonstrating exactly how big our Maine Coon cats are.

Trooper is THIS long
Trooper is THIS big
Or maybe he's THIS long
Or maybe he’s THIS big
While Sprite, of course, is THIS long
While Sprite, of course, is THIS big

Trooper and Sprite hope that this satisfies everyone’s curiosity regarding their Biggishness, and they would like to nap now.

10 thoughts on “Wednesday evening cat spam”

  1. I love your expressions. All of your expressions. Trooper is like, “Really? This again? OK.” And Sprite is all, “Oh, I’m closer to the ceiling; let me survey that for Woozels.”

  2. No fair! Sprite is stretching!
    Your cats are wonderful, Sharon. Thanks for the photography session with them! When we so often see them supervising from the captain’s chair or wrapped in afghans on the couch, it’s good to have a chance to see their full amazing length!

  3. Thanks for the adorableness, and please pass Extra Treats to father and daughter for their Extra Duties. There’s a cozy mystery series by Miranda James about a librarian in the Deep South whose Maine Coon cat is legendary for his size and willingness to walk on a leash.

    Very glad your Digging Out was not too bad, though sorry that you’re hurting.

  4. Having just seen you on the book tour, Sharon, I am reminded that you might be termed by Miri as “out of reason tall”, so those are some large felines, indeed.

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