Epic Blizzard Aftermath

So, it finally stopped snowing. Steve and the metric stick between them have decided that we had a snowfall of 19 inches, here at the Cat Farm.  Sanford, to the south, wins the prize for Maine City with the Most Blizzard, with 31.5 inches on the ground.

Most of Maine is cancelled and/or closed today, while we participate in the winter ritual known as Digging Out.

We’re waiting for the plowman.  In the meantime, both cars have been dug out — getting Steve’s car out wasn’t that much of a challenge, as the wind had kindly decided not to allow any snowflake to come to rest less than six inches from its sides.  My car, sitting right next to Steve’s, was something more of a puzzle, since the same capricious wind decided to make an eight-foot snow sculpture anchored by my car.

Happily, the snow was very light and fluffy.  Steve was able to get into the passenger’s side, and push open the driver’s door, thereby collapsing the front of the sculpture.  He then walked around to the driver’s side, opened the door, turned on the car and moved it, which completed the collapse.

. . .and a pause here to attend the plowman. . .

We did not lose power at any point during the storm, despite the really dreadful winds.  Hoping that continues, now that all’s calm.

Today’s to-do list includes paying bills, catching the tax paperwork up to the Important Tax Documents currently in hand, and. . .writing.  Also, aspirin.  For some reason my back hurts.

How did you weather the storm?

One thought on “Epic Blizzard Aftermath”

  1. N picture of said snow sculpture? Sad face
    glad you guys weathered the storm so gently!

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