Together again for the first time

Someone asked that I put the links I’ve been scattering about over the last couple days “in one place” in order to make them easy to find.

There aren’t all that many links, unless someone has been adding extras in while I was napping, but, insofar as there are links, here they are:

The Night Don’t Seem So Lonely — an Archers Beach story, free to read on

Carousel Seas eBook, direct from Baen

Carousel Seas eBook, from the Kindle Store

PREORDER Carousel Seas from Audible

As stated elsewhere, I am still waiting for the delivery of the pre-ordered trade paperback editions of Carousel Seas to arrive from the warehouse.  It’s snowing, so it’s probable that today is the day.  As soon as the books arrive, I will unpack them, sign them, repack them and call UPS for a pickup and a ride to Uncle Hugo’s just as quickly as I possibly can.

In other news, I am, preposterously, still not well, though no longer actively sick.  Which is, yanno, progress.  I’ve lost almost a month to this thing, which is bitter, indeed.  As soon as I can safely use my brain, I’ll need to do some counting, but I don’t think I’m on track for an on time delivery anymore (insert favorite curse here).

Trooper had a delightful birthday, and thanks all his fans for their well-wishes.

I had some adventures with the ACA in between it all, but I’ll save that story for another day.

Everybody be good.

2 thoughts on “Together again for the first time”

  1. Meow. As your cat I MEorder you to get better. This sickness, neigh, this plague…it will not do!

    PS. I’m not saying something got knocked over, but if it did, it was Sprite!

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