In which the day begins early, and! Eye Candy

So, we taught Steve’s doctor a new phrase today, “con crud.”

That was after we rose early, after a very restless night, and I said to Steve, “You look worse than you did last night when we went to bed.  Should you call the doctor?”  and Steve said to me, “I think I’m going to call the doctor.”

Phone call made, we were given a gratifyingly quick appointment with the Actual Doctor, who ordered a blood test which he admitted probably wasn’t needed, but he’s a conservative fellow, and prescribed cough medicine and rest.

So, that’s the order of the day for at least half of the Lee-Miller Household.  I’m feeling much better than yesterday, myself (no headache.  MAN, I hate headaches.), but, with Steve’s example before me, will try to weave some rest into the remainder of the day.

In other news, the FINAL final cover for Dragon in Exile was waiting in my inbox this morning, with a nice note from David Mattingly.  This is a full wrap cover, which means the scene starts on the front of the book and finishes up on the back.  I think it’s gorgeous, and am pleased to see a nod to the very first cover to grace Agent of Change (art by Stephen Hickman).

For those who collect art, David is making a limited number of prints of this cover available.  If you’re interested, write to him at davidATdavidmattinglyDOTcom

Here’s the art:

Dragon in Exile Final  art by David Mattingly
Dragon in Exile Final
art by David Mattingly

4 thoughts on “In which the day begins early, and! Eye Candy”

  1. It’s hard to tell with the angles and whatnot, but the cat seems to be in exactly the same place he appears on the cover of Necessity’s Child.

  2. I have also looked carefully and I cannot find the cat. I could not find the cat in Necessity’s Child either. It is probably one of those mental tricks where once you see it, you wonder how you could miss it.

    I do like the cover. I like the mix of languages in the city. I believe I see Chinese, English and Arabic. The colors in the signs pop and the explosion is great. I also like the contrast of the older buildings in front with the high tech megacity in the background.

    I always thought of Miri having longer loose hair but tight braids make a lot more sense for fighting. At least I think that’s Miri. Maybe not. Will enjoy reading to find out. 🙂

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