In which Rolanni is laid low

So, I thought I’d managed to elude the con crud.  Foolish author.

Today I awake with Symptoms, the details of which I will spare you, and I shall shortly be taking a coon cat and retiring to my couch.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the discussion of Literary Warning Labels — and please feel free to continue.  I know I don’t need to remind you guys to be polite.

For those who collect them, there is a brief review of Carousel Seas here.  Thanks to Gus Fleischmann for the pointer.

Everybody stay well.

5 thoughts on “In which Rolanni is laid low”

  1. Feel better soon, Chicken soup always helpful. Hope the kitties take good care of you with Steve’s help.

  2. Be well. You really didn’t want to go out today anyway: 1 cm of ice over five inches of snow doesn’t do much but make for messy driving and unsafe walking!

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