Carousel Seas eBook and Audio News!

The Kindle edition of Carousel Seas is now available for download from Amazon.

Here’s your link.

Those who prefer to download their ebooks directly from Baen, may do so from this link.


The Audible edition of Carousel Seas is now available for pre-order from this link.

For those who pre-ordered signed copies of Carousel Seas from Uncle Hugo, I am awaiting delivery of the books from the warehouse.  As soon as they arrive, I will — as quickly as I can manage — sign those 100 books and send them on to the Uncle.

Thank you for your patience.


4 thoughts on “Carousel Seas eBook and Audio News!”

  1. Aaahhhhhhh! I though this wasn’t coming out until January. If I buy it for myself online NOW, I might mess with someone who wanted to buy it for me for Christmas…so now I have to wait at least a week to buy this…poooey.

  2. Sometimes the author prefers one site over another; either the publisher or Amazon. Do you have any preference?

  3. If you, as a reader, want a variety of platforms available in which to read your book, I’d tell you to go to Baen. Otherwise — no preference; we get the same royalty rate, wherever you buy it.

    Thank you for asking.

  4. I am dreadfully behind in my book count this year and just finished the second one a few weeks ago. I knocked out a non-fic in the meanwhile, but I really wanted to keep reading this series. Wish granted!

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