Eye candy

This just in from Madame the Editor.

-- art by David Mattingly
— art by David Mattingly

This is the eighteenth novel detailing the adventures of Clan Korval and other residents of the Liaden Universe®.

The hardcover will be in bookstores in June 2015.  For those who treasure a passion for eArcs, count backward four months from June for your probable release date.  No word yet on whether there will be an audiobook edition.


More news as it becomes available.

4 thoughts on “Eye candy”

  1. Yay, but it is going to be a long 8 months.
    Now who is on the cover? Steve on his way home from the Bakery, forgot to pay for the Buns?

  2. Can’t wait! Great cover. Which dragon is in exile? Or all the dragons, the clan as a whole? But they were (mostly) glad to shake Liadian dust off their boots, and surely Surebleak is almost a balmy blossoming bower by now.

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