I was born, six-gun in my hand


It’s quite warm here in Central Maine, which I suppose I should appreciate, if only for the savings in oil.

All of my mail programs are now talking nicely to the new email protocol.  I’d hate to tell you how long it took me to finish my bit, after Steve did the hard part.  Let’s just say it took a Warren Zevon concert on youtube to get me to the other side.

This morning, we went out early to Skowhegan, to admire the repaired Indian, He Who Watches, and for Steve to see the eye doctor.  The morning was damp, and, as mentioned, warm; and the leaves stood out nicely.  (Here’s a link for those who are interested in more detail regarding the Skowhegan Indian.)

Tomorrow, Steve has long-scheduled outpatient procedure.  Don’t know exactly when tomorrow — the hospital doesn’t want to disclose too early — but tomorrow, for sure; they promise.

In the meanwhile, I have galleys to read.  The galleys will of course be going with me to the hospital tomorrow, and I’m hoping to make my Monday deadline by emailing pdfs of the corrected pages to the publisher.

So, that.

In other news, and as reported yesterday for them what indulges, the eARC for Carousel Seas is now available for purchase and download from Baen.  Here’s the link.

For those waiting for the paper book, and who also would like to have their book signed and/or personalized, there is a deadline approaching for personalizations, pre-ordered from Uncle Hugo’s.  Here’s your link.

And, with Mozart’s Enthusiastic Support™ from the top of the file cabinet, I’m going back to work.

Mozart displaying Enthusiastic Support of my efforts.
Mozart displaying Enthusiastic Support of my efforts.


Today’s blog title brought to you by Bad Company, singing “Bad Company.”  Here’s your link.

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