Mail call

So, the mail.

Of greatest importance was, of course, our Determination from the Health Insurance Marketplace, which was to tell us whether or not we can have the insurance we’ve been enrolled in since January.  We opened this document with trepidation, only to find that they need one more document from us before they can make a determination.  They need. . .wait for it. . .

They need a copy of a document that proves our citizenship and our identity.  Because, yanno, copies of our tax returns just didn’t cut it.

So, I guess I’m glad we renewed our passports earlier this year.

Of second greatest importance — royalty statements!  And!  royalty checks!

If you bought a copy of Necessity’s Child in signed or plain vanilla hardcover, or as an ebook?  That bagpipe band you hear coming around the corner is FOR YOU!

. . .and now, I’m off to town to do errands.  It’s a pretty day, and I’m looking forward to the drive.

Hope everyone is having as pleasant a Monday as it’s possible to have.

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