In which there are storms in the night

The contractor has been, the contractor has wrought, and the contractor has gone away again to that place where contractors go to rest from work well-done, and curses well-said.  All hail, the contractor.

Today, there are chores in the morning, and travel in the afternoon.  We have tickets for Varekai this evening, which I am looking forward to with much excitement — even, perhaps, excitement unseemly in a woman of my years.  I’ve been wanting to see Cirque du Soleil live for YEARS.

Tomorrow, it’s back to writing and sorting.  I think I may take an hour or two every morning for the next hundred years or so to go through shelves and drawers and closets and set aside those things that we don’t need, and simply have because we have them.

For those following our continuing adventures with the ACA, aka “Obamacare” — it transpires that the clearing authority needed not only proof of our IDs, but Proof of 2014’s income (yes, we are still in 2014; I checked several calendars, just in case mine was malfunctioning).  So, I spent an evening when I should have been writing doing a Profit and Loss for the year thus far, and listing such projects as I hope to see payment far, going forward into the year.

Now, one of the more interesting things is to transpire on this front is that the royalty payment we received earlier in the week has put us very close to my estimated income for the entire year of 2014.  So, in my abundant spare time I’m going to have to get with the ACA and figure out a new insurance premium.  Which raises the question of how the ACA accounts income — by quarter or by full year.  I fear it will be annually, and that we’ll find ourselves playing catchup for the subsidies we did not “deserve,” though we needed them, at the beginning of the year.

Well. It’ll be fun.

In other news, we had a ripping thunderstorm come through last night, all the flowers in the meadow next door are flattened right to the ground this morning, and fog is rising out of the trees.


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  1. Oh, I hope you love Varekai! We saw our first Cirque show in Vegas, and I cringed at the prices. As we walked out iturned to my spouse and pronounced it “totally worth it”!

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