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When our second ever “novel” was “done,” we pushed all of the furniture in the living room to one side. I sat down on the floor with the “novel,” a pair of scissors, a roll of tape, a lined yellow pad, and pens in three colors.  And I proceeded to cut the scenes apart and tape them back together in the correct order, numbering character scenes with their own color ink.  I noted down where bridges needed to be inserted, and the whole process took me about eight hours of non-stop concentration, as the book shifted and took its proper shape in my head.

That was in 1985 and I swore I’d never, ever do that again.


I spent today breaking the novel-without-a-name into its various narrative threads.  Because?  It turns out, upon rereading, that all of the action in this novel happens?

In one afternoon.
That’s one looooooong day.


Tomorrow, I will decide whether or not I’m going to do the sit on the floor with scissors &c thing, or try to noodle this out in my head.  Because my head has been totally on the case with this project.

In Archers Beach news, I’ve heard from Audible that Carousel Sun is in production, and a narrator will soon be chosen.  Watch this space for more news.

Also!  Splinter Universe readers should note that Welcome to Welton, by Marie Brennan, is now online, as well as a brand! new! chapter of Steve Miller’s novel-in-progress, Quicksliver.  We have also turned in the manuscript for Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume THREE, which means that we have removed the following stories from Splinter Universe:  “The Rifle’s First Wife,” “Roving Gambler,” “Code of Honor.”

Most of my work yesterday was done on the corner of the couch next to the cat tree.  Below, is the view from my office:

The view from below
The view from below

This is a picture of Trooper as three pink feet and an ear.


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