There ain’t no rest for the wicked, ’til we close our eyes for good

There’s a new guest story up at Splinter Universe:  “Riverweave,” by EC Ambrose.  Here’s your link.  Remember that the PayPal link at the bottom of story will send your donation directly to the author, should you wish to demonstrate your appreciation of their work.

Because the medical tests scheduled for today were over and done with much earlier than anyone had a right to expect, Steve and I decided to give the new car (which still lacks a name) its head.  Whereupon, it ran all the way up to Greenville, which kind of hugs the lower end of Moosehead Lake.  We stopped her there, since the roads up around Rockwood are not what a city car might particularly like, ate lunch at Auntie M’s, walked the cute little boardwalk at the water’s edge, sadly determined that the wind was kicking up ‘waaaaay too much dust to make further perambulating about town comfortable, stopped at the Indian Store on the way outta town, and came home via Bingham, which is looking very much the worse for wear.

We arrived home to find that today we lost both Morning Glory Zell, famous for once having worn a snake as a costume at a DisClave, and for having bred a “unicorn;” and Mary Stewart, author of many, many fine romantic suspense novels.  Their absences render the world much less interesting.

There are still two days to purchase Liaden Universe® novel, Fledgling, an Audible Hidden Gem, for a paltry $3.95.  Yes, from now until Saturday, May 17, at 11:59 pm Eastern Daylight Time, you — Audible Member or Innocent Bystander — can purchase the complete, unabridged audiobook, narrated by the incomparable Eileen Stevens, for a mere $3.95!

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Today’s blog title comes to us from Cage the Elephant.  Here’s your link.

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Young Mr. Smealy gave his word that he would never cause Boss Calhoon an instant’s worry.”

Miri sighed.

“Which promise it looks like he’s forgot.

“He may consider that he did not promise to leave Boss Conrad similarly worry-free.”





One thought on “There ain’t no rest for the wicked, ’til we close our eyes for good”

  1. What a loss. I’m still in shock, particularly over Mary Stewart.
    Thank you for the Splinter Universe and the snippet.

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