The day so far, in pictures

So, Steve won the honor of preparing the first HelloFresh meal, which was Middle Eastern Spiced Chicken with Lemony Zucchini and Basmati Rice.

Here’s what it looked like, ready to eat:

Inaugural HelloFresh dinner, prepared by Steve
Inaugural HelloFresh dinner, prepared by Steve

It was good; Steve reports that prep was a little awkward until he got comfortable with the fact that everything was already measured out for him.  He also says he was slightly put off by the instruction to cut the zucchini into cubes.  Time from chopping the zucchini to table was right about 35 minutes.  The chicken cooked at a very high heat — 475F — for 14 minutes; the rice and zucchini worked nicely around that timing, and the chicken was lovely moist when it came out of the oven.

Regarding serving size.  We have leftover rice and a chicken breast (but we ate all our zucchini, mom!) — enough for another shared dinner, if we add a veggie or salad.

Next up is the seared steak and tomato ragout, in which it will be my turn to cook.

And!  For those fans of Mozart who wondered after his non-appearance in yesterday’s report (He was sleeping at the time of the delivery and didn’t bother to get up.  This is what he has servants for, after all.) — here’s a picture of him and Trooper, hangin’ together, this morning:


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