Anything can happen day

So!  I went into town this morning, as planned, accomplishing gym, and a whole-wheat-and-white-swirl baguette fresh from the oven, and! Jimmy Hendrix stamps (for Steve) and circus stamps (for me).

Back home, I decided to wash my new skirt that came today.  The washing went fine, but when I put it in to dry, the dryer started to scream and smoke.  Took skirt out of dryer, hung over shower rod to dry; called Ray the Appliance Guy, who promises to come by around 5 tonight to take a look.

While this was going on, Steve was putting together salads for lunch, and cutting pieces off the baguette and mixing up an olive oil dip, and all.

After lunch, we had some excitement.  By which I mean, more excitement than the dryer perhaps dying the death.  A UPS truck pulled up in front of the house and one of the nice young men handed me a box:

Our first HelloFresh box
Our first HelloFresh box

We opened the box and removed the contents.  Here’s what we’ll be eating for dinner for the next couple, four days:

Contents of box, and recipe cards.
Contents of box, and recipe cards.

Each plastic bag contains the makings for what the HelloFresh people apparently thinks is a meal for two, and which we’re thinking is at least two meals each.  In the back left, chicken breasts and steak, on the right, ricotta cheese, and spices.

This is an experiment to see how well we like this concept.  There are times when not having to go out and forage would be very useful.  Will report back.  If anyone wants to try this — for science! — drop me a note off list; I’ve got a discount code to share with friends.

While we were ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over the contents of the box, other residents of the house had taken custody of the box itself:

Trooper and Sprite take over the HelloFresh box, because it's there!
Trooper and Sprite take over the HelloFresh box, because it’s there!

We put all the food away, and looked out the window onto the deck to find that we had been invaded by red-breasted grosbeaks!  Proof:

Red-breasted grosbeak
Red-breasted grosbeak
Another red-breasted grosbeak.
Another red-breasted grosbeak.

So, that’s the excitement du jour, here at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory.

No, wait!  I’m wrong.

The sun has just come out.



4 thoughts on “Anything can happen day”

  1. I’ll be interested to hear your food review – and the cats’ review of the box. I have a sailing buddy who tried something like that because NIH’s schedule was allowing No Extra Time. She liked it, though she said it was expensive.

    PS Good luck with the dryer.

  2. A lot is going to depend on how much food/how many meals, this Actually Is. If three meals for two — ‘way expensive. If six meals for two — we can talk, especially during periods of Book! Due! Next! Week! and possibly also during Winter!

    We’ll see.

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