In which Rolanni eats crow

So, a couple days ago — in fact, on May 5 — I tweeted, thusly:


. . .meaning to convey that we were still about 50 grand away from actually having enough words to pitch Constellation Three to Madame the Editor.

Yesterday, Madame the Agent wrote to say that she had a note from Madame the Editor, asking how many stories/words we had exactly.  We totted them up, allowed as how we knew that Madame would want an authors’ introduction and some few words about each story, sent the information along. . .

. . .with the result that we have agreed to go to contract with Liaden Universe® Constellation Volume 3, with a delivery date (that being the day and hour that Madame expects to have the manuscript on her desk) in mid-July.

Which just goes to show what I know.

Thanks to everyone who supported the first two Constellations, and who wrote to let us know that they would happily do the same for a third Constellation. . .soon. . .

10 thoughts on “In which Rolanni eats crow”

  1. Ooo the brackets didn’t work…
    I’m preparing confetti for the announcement.

  2. Hurray! (And I hope the crow was sauced with sufficient green salsa for it to taste delicious.)

  3. Since I am one of the dinosaurs that hasn’t really embraced the e-book thing, stories don’t have any reality for me until they appear in actual books, preferably in some sort of paperback format (due to shelfspace limitations). I really enjoyed the earlier Constellations as they provided back-story and greater depth to the Liaden Universe. Also you and Steve have had the damnedest luck with publishing short fiction in ephemeral or soon-to-be-out-of-business places. I eagerly await Constellation 3!

  4. so…where is the crow, exactly? I don’t understand, but I sure am happy to know that there will soon be another Constellation!!

    THANK YOU for all your hard work

  5. Thanks for the good news, will be waiting til soon. Also thanks for Code another great read.
    cheers and much happiness.

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