Five Things on a Thursday morning

1.  Audible Members:  Carpe Diem is currently being featured in the Super Sci-Fi sale: .  The sale ends May 10thDuring that time, Carpe Diem will be available for $6.95 (retails $24.95 for non-members / $17.46 for members with their 30% discount).  This sale is only available to Audible members.

2.  There will be a new Guest Story on Splinter Universe realsoonnow, “2 Pi To Live” by Chaz Brenchley. So — Watch the skies.

3.  Speaking of Splinter Universe — you have seen last week’s Guest Story, “Leaving Via Callia,” by Alma Alexander, right?  No? Well, what are you waiting for?

Remember!  The donation button at the bottom of Guest Stories goes directly to the author, and is the button you want to use to show appreciation of the author’s work.

4.  Also at Splinter Universe, free for the reading until they’re not, Liaden Universe® stories: The Rifle’s First Wife, Roving Gambler, and Code of Honor.

5.  We have news coming soon, Very Soon, regarding Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume 3.  So — Watch the skies.

Hmmm.  With all this watching the skies, maybe you better spread out a blanket in the grass and lie down…


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