But why were you trying to write two books at once?

Sigh.  I have had an Epiphany.  Mind you, I wasn’t in the market for an epiphany, necessarily.  I was more along the lines of getting the book done.  Well.  This is what you get when you start writing when you’re three-quarters of a brain down, because work must go forth, brain or no brain — and then flip to brain-and-a-half.

I have compiled and printed out the Epiphany.  We Shall See.

In another part of the forest Steve has been tweeting some of the nice things people have said about our books over the years.  Today, he shared one of my favorites:

I have always loved the Liaden series and think it deserves
to take its rightful place among the worldbuilding triumphs of SF literature.
If SF were a meritocracy, Steve and Sharon would be living
in a solid gold castle twelve miles high.
— Rosemary Edghill, co-author of The Warslayer

Despite being pretty sure that it would be heck to try to heat a solid gold castle of any height, I like this sentiment.

And, lest you think that I was laboring all day in the damp fields of creativity alone and bereft of companionship, here is photographic proof that Trooper had my back:

The Maine Coon work ethic on display
The Maine Coon work ethic on display

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