You know that day?

You know the day when you started out to do A Particular Thing, but there was a deadlined project in email and you thought it wouldn’t take more than an hour, but it took until past lunch, and then you thought that the solution to the WordPress problem — which is STILL borked, btw — was to change the theme, but it wasn’t, but now you have a new theme, which you don’t particularly like, and all of your menus were scrod, and you *had* to fix that and it would only take a couple minutes, except it wound up taking two hours, and then you had to vacuum the house, which you’ve been putting off for, um…and it would only take five minutes, except then the roller was fouled with cat hair and you had to take it apart, and clear the hair, and then put it back together, and for ghu’s sake, who takes an hour and a half to vacuum the house? And then the dishes had to be done, because you’d put them off, too? And suddenly it was time to knock off for the evening, because Things tomorrow, and you never did get that One Particular Thing you absolutely needed to do today done?

I’ve just had that day.

2 thoughts on “You know that day?”

  1. How come you had MY day, Sharon? I still have 2200 words of paying work to do and it is now dinner time. So that One Particular Thing? Nah. Not here either.

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