WordPress borked

Well…I was going to write about the day, which was a day that should have produced answers, but didn’t. And a day in which Steve and I took the long way round to Augusta, through Rome and North Belgrade, eventually arriving at the Barnes and Noble, where we Browsed Extensively. I really miss the chairs in BN; remember when BN had chairs so you didn’t have to sit on the floor to go through the books you accumulated to decided which one, if not all, you wanted to buy?

Well, anyway.

After we’d browsed to our hearts’ content and our pocketbooks’ dismay, we lunched at Rooster’s (grilled cheddar cheese, bacon, and avocado sandwich for me; Steve had haddock and cheddar on a bulky roll), then proceeded home in a leisurely manner. Because of this perambulating journey, I am able to report that Snow Pond is still mostly frozen, as is Belgrade Lake.

I hope everyone had a pleasant Friday and will have a pleasant weekend and I hope to be able to do updates in a regular manner here soon.

4 thoughts on “WordPress borked”

  1. Ah, the chairs. I’ve never had my favorite explanation confirmed, but their disappearance directly correlates to a tighter hold on the fiscal expenses. We *used* to get replacements when the chairs aged out or broke. Now?? Yeah, no. We got our last replacement “comfy” chairs at least 8 years ago. My store is down to 4. The wooden chairs are sturdier so we have more of those. Another chair problem was the homeless who would camp out in them all day–or in more recent years, the laptop campers. Never enough seating for people who simply want to browse 🙁

  2. I heard the comfy chairs referred to as “upholstered Petri dishes” and haven’t used one since. 🙁

  3. I miss the wooden step stools that Waldenbooks had….not only did they reach the top shelves but you could sit on them to reach the lower shelves without hitting the floor. Easier to get up!

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