Sunday To-Do, With Commentary

1.  Coon cat grooming
2.  Clean cat boxes
3.  Clean humidifier
4.  Do dishes
5.  Write a novel

I don’t actually think I’ll accomplish Number 5 today, but I need a buncha hours in a row, which, with One Thing and Another Thing and That Other Thing* Too, I haven’t been getting.  In general, I’m not a believer in Ivory Towers, but if I could rent one for a couple weeks, along with the Invisible Staff, including the Staffer whose sole job is to answer annoying — and even non-annoying — emails politely — I’d be there in a heartbeat.

Lacking that, it looks like Tuesdays and Thursdays and Saturdays are going to have to get blocked out as Compleat Writing Days, and One Thing and Another Thing are just going to have to Go Fish.

One of the things I do in the morning, after Mozart has been Served Breakfast, is that I’ll play string with the kids.  Sprite especially enjoys the play, and, if I’ve somehow forgotten, she will pursue me around the house, dragging the string and exclaiming until I Make It Work.  Trooper’s willing to play if play is on the table, but he doesn’t like to make a fuss.

This morning, after play, and after Mozart had finished with breakfast, Sprite was still demanding more! string!  So I knelt down on the floor on my elbows and my knees, and put one hand on the string.  She blinked, backed up, and meebled at Trooper.  Who sighed, and hooted what I assume was, “Oh, all right, let me look at it.”  And came over to sniff my hair, and my hand, and the string. . .

. . .and then laid down across from me, and put his paw on the string.

I squinted my eyes at him; he squinted his eyes at me.  Sprite meebled, pushed against Trooper; he hooted.  She meebled again, and he sighed.  Veeeerrrrrry slowly, she skooched down next to him, put her paw tentatively on the string, and huffed her little hello huff.

And there we all sat for a few minutes, communing with the string and each other.

So, that was nice.

Hope everyone is having a pleasant Sunday.

*Frequent readers of this blog will have noticed that I’m one of those folks who has mood swings, of which, in case there is any doubt, the High is much preferred to the Low.  Unfortunately at the moment, I’m stuck in a pretty low Low, which it took some time to identify, because (in my experience, at least) depression hurts, and this thing right here. . .doesn’t, though it has all the other trimmings, in spades, including the Stupids.  What this means for y’all is that I’m going to be somewhat scarce — see the proposed Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday schedule, and if an Ivory Tower rental comes up, I’m there — because life and contracts go on, and if it’s going take me four times longer to write a book than normal, because I’ve got to piece in every damn word, then I’d better lean in hard.

So, that.  Thank you for your understanding.


7 thoughts on “Sunday To-Do, With Commentary”

  1. Good luck. I battle that demon as well and…hopefully it will pass soon.

    Love the cat scenes.

  2. Love the cat conversation. It sounded almost like Trooper was checking your new Yoga position: Human with String.

    Hope your bout of Lows is short.
    I have a friend who is incredibly self-aware of what’s emotionally going on. I wish I had that Talent.

  3. I hope your Lows dissipate into the lengthening days. Those always help me, but your mileage, of course, may vary. *offers a cup of virtual coffee and a biscuit*

  4. Wish you were here. I’d put you in the sunshine where the bluebonnets are blooming. I hope you feel better soon. Sending hugs,

  5. I sure wish i could do something to help unstick you from the low Low. Holding you in good thoughts.

  6. Perhaps your Vitamin D level is a bit low? I find supplements help me, but that not all brands are the same. Time of year/ feeelings/etc all match (of course many other things could also be a match).

    If I had a tower, I would invite you to visit.

  7. If not an Ivory Tower, perhaps you could find a local kid to build you a snow tower. It’s the right color, nearly, and all sparkly when the sun comes out… 🙂

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