Progress and not-so report

So, Illisidi is not yet perfect, but hopefully workable.  The one biggest concern remains an outflowing of error messages the first time I open any file in LibreOffice.  Once past the error messages, though, I can open files with impunity, and they seem not to be changing into oak leaves in the morning, so I guess I’m going to have to put up with what I can’t fix.  Certainly, I’m very tired, at this point, of uninstalling and reinstalling LibreOffice, and a writer must write with something.

Fans of Mozart will wish to hear that he has good days and bad days.  He’s a fan, currently, of Friskies gravy lovers with a liberal handful of Fancy Feast dry food on top, like jimmies.  He eats the crunchies and licks up the gravy.  If  I could figure out a way to just put gravy over crunchies, I’d do that, but I’m afraid of feeding him the salt bomb that is canned gravy meant for consumption by Thumbs.

Fans of Sprite will wish to know that, for all her giddy ways, she takes her royal duties seriously.  The other day, Mozart suddenly gave out with the Kitty in Trouble yell, from the living room.  I got up to see what the problem was, to find that Sprite had arrived ahead of me and was vigorously washing his ears (See there, Grandpa? Everybody feels better when they have clean ears.), which really did seem to solve the problem/break the cycle of distress.

In other news, today is Monday, which, being as I’m a freelance, shouldn’t matter, but somehow does.  Perhaps because I was woken up by a nightmare, and took some time to settle again.  Perhaps because it’s a greyish morning, and we’re under threat of Snowpocalypse.  Again.


In a few minutes, I’ll head out to town, errands, and the gym, and this afternoon, it’s back to work.

How’s the start of your week going?


8 thoughts on “Progress and not-so report”

  1. So, Illisidi is being herself, difficult but not impossible. I’m so glad you can write!

    I do love the cat news. Give my best greetings to the cats.

    Starting a week of weather ups and downs with today’s high of 54 and low of 43, normal for this time of year in Delaware. But never fear, erratic weather returns Thursday, with a high of 27 and a low of 19, before warming up to 59 and 34 on Saturday. No snow is forecast, and is mostly melted except for the huge piles in parking lot. The snowdrops are still hanging in there. And I am, too.

  2. You can get gravy for cats placed by the treats when last I saw it at Petsmart. My vet wanted my cat to drink more so salt was encouraged but the cat didn’t like canned gravy. (She had gourmet tastes.)

  3. Thank you for news of computers and cats. It is encouraging to know that life continues to happen while one is absent from home.

  4. Howdy. Very nice to meet you. Was really disgustingly late to work today because I was reading Carousel Tides, even though I know better than to pick up a book when I actually need to be someplace. Loved it! Can’t wait to get my hands on Carousel Sun, and to start exploring the Liaden Universe.
    Your cats are beautiful. Let me introduce you to Marmot, 7, half-Siamese and a bit of a bratkin (apparently I don’t know how to raise kittens right — just as well never tried actual kids), and Levi, 18, black with green eyes, who are dear buddies. Also Parson’s Russell Kagan, with whom they generally get along, despite his preference for bouncing, barking and chasing.

  5. Back in the day, I had a cat with a broken jaw that was wired shut. He had to eat liquid food, so I bought cheap beef, cooked it in water nail I was soft. I then whizzed in in a blender with the cooking water and used dry non-milk to thicken it enough so that he would think it was food. It was about the consistency of gravy. I made enough for a week at a time, kept in the fridge, and zapped it in the microwave just long enough to bring it to rook temperature.

    After he got well and was back to a regular diet, I still occasionally made him some, froze it in cubes, me surprised him with a treat now and again.

    Always glad to get a cat update, so thanks for that.

  6. Welcome! to you and the critters, and I’m sadly, selfishly glad that Carousel Tides made you late for work.

    If you e-read, both Agent of Change and Fledgling (two entrance points into the Liaden Universe(R)) are free downloads from the Baen Free Library, Amazon, BN, Itunes, and all those other places.

  7. : D
    Thank you! Just read I Dare, and only belatedly realized it was well along in the action … enjoyed it anyway. Now I have to go back and catch up.

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