But I told Joey he’d have to make ‘rangements with Norman

Been quite the week so far, what with the landing of the tax papers  (ouch…), a dental visit and a visit to the eye doctor (for me and for Steve, respectively; it wouldn’t be fair if one of us had all the fun), the arrival of new passports, oh!  and news that my piece of the ebook-price-fixing settlement from BN is $9.01 in store scrip.  All righty, then.

This time, I went to the dentist armed for bear, so to speak, with the mp3 player, earphones, and Sun Bear in my arsenal.  Sun Bear was a hit with the staff, and I had no opportunity to use the music, what with trays of “material” being inserted and removed from my mouth, so that the dentist would have a full impression of all my teeth in what looks like blue Sculpey.  The process itself was. . .slightly nerve-wracking.  The worst part was the aftermath: accommodating the trays bruised the inside of my mouth somewhat — which is a Very Weird Feeling — and all of my teeth felt like someone had tried to pulled them out of my head (the Sculpey did not release its hostages easily) — which is an Even Weirder Feeling.  Next up is a consultation, in two weeks.

After the dentist, we went up to Bangor Mall, to walk around and stare at the shiny things.  No kidding — there are six chain jewelery stores in the Bangor Mall (if we count Pandora, which, perhaps, we oughtn’t to).  Who in Eastern Maine is buying buckets full of ugly and over-priced mass-produced jewelery?  I didn’t even try to count the stores selling clothes to thin young things, all of whom apparently have access to Gold American Express Cards. It’s nothing short of astonishing.  There was a kiosk selling fish-shaped ukeleles and Jesus-themed t-shirts, which provided some amusement, as did the head-shop over in the far corner, which was selling glass ashtrays (I can’t remember the last time I saw an ashtray for sale in a retail establishment), high-end waterpipes, t-shirts and gimme caps emblazoned with rude sayings, and wind chimes made out of rainbow-winged unicorn-pegasi.

I remain aggravated that there’s no bookstore in the mall (hasn’t been for years, since WaldenBooks closed), and I was shocked to find that the once-robust food hall (or picnic, or whatever we’re calling it this year) has shrunk to a Java Junction, Dairy Queen, and Oriental Express.  Even MickeyD has abandoned ship.  Sigh.

Despite all that, though, it was nice to be able to walk around, and to have people and things to look at — so,  a successful outing of its kind.

Today, we’re promised a wind storm, with gusts up to 50 mph, but the nor’easter we were being promised late last week appears to have evaporated.

Which?  Is fine by me.

Now that we’re home from the eye doctor, I have a call to make to the town assessor (sigh), and some filing to do.  I also need to print out the newly-arranged manuscript and read it.

Hope everyone’s had a grand week so far, and that it continues straight through to Friday.


Today’s blog title comes from “Norman,” by Sue Thompson.  Here’s your link.

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