Saturday ketchup

So, yesterday, I bought an Article of Clothing.  Here’s a picture, and a “history.”  Do recall that the source is the J. Peterman catalog.  Also, I did some writing.  I have now hit 25,000 words on three separate occasions.  Too bad those words aren’t linear, or I’d be three-quarters of the way done.

This morning, Steve and I took advantage of the second sunny day in the last three (yesterday, it snowed.  And rained.  And snowed.  And rained. Then, we had fog, after which. . .it rained.) to go into town and take on groceries and other needed things, such as cat litter and bird food.

We came home and I made dinner: sauteed yams, with onions and garlic and ginger and a leetle bit of Italian Seasoning, because it’s not really cooking if it doesn’t involve Italian Seasoning, and we had chunked Swiss cheese on the side, and now. . .

. . .it’s time to go to work for the day.

What’re y’all doing today that’s fun?


10 thoughts on “Saturday ketchup”

  1. Napping with the cats and trying to remember if I loaned “Kitty and the Midnight Hour” to someone since I can’t find it or its two sequels. I’m wanting to read in the bath (and reading in print is easier and potentially cheaper if one is on the tub) and re-read that series. If I didn’t loan it, where is it?

  2. That’s a new direction to take for yams — I love the idea. Always adding brown sugar and cinnamon may be delicious, but it can get boring, too.
    This afternoon, we are deliberately going to a movie (Pompeii) panned by most reviewers. I just hope it has lots of smoke, collapsing buildings and lava flows to please my cinema-violence-loving husband!

  3. Report from Delaware. Spent the 60 degree sunny afternoon walking around taking photos of snow drops, which finally have emerged from under the drifts. In fact, the snow is almost all melted, except for the mountains where it was piled during parking lot plowing. Yesterday was interesting with, in order, dense fog, violent winds, severe thunder storms and a tornado warning. High for the day was 62. I much prefer today

  4. Gorgeous coat!

    Today, like yesterday afternoon, has been spent shoveling dirt back into the septic tank and grease trap excavations, since the man with the pumper truck came yesterday and relieved us of our past sins of deposition…so to speak. It’s pleasant weather for this–cool, sunny, breezy. Should you wish to see a picture, one can be provided for you. Right now every muscle in my back is muttering at me, and I’ve only moved something between a third and a half of a cubic yard each day.

  5. I wouldn’t mind seeing a picture of a cool, sunny, and breezy day; grease traps, on the other hand, leave me cold.

    You and your back have my sympathy; shoveling snow is bad enough, but dirt’s heavy.

  6. We made it to 45F today before the clouds rolled in and the wind picked up. The melt off of Snowplow Mountain has created a lake at the bottom of the stairs; we spent some time earlier trying to hack a path through the ice jam on the other side of the steps so the water can run off.

    Crocus are two months away…

  7. Spent the day playing pool and out to lunch at Bill Bateman’s with my Red Hat group and enjoying the warm temps before we slide back into winter next week, come on Spring!

  8. The swing between 25 degF nights and 50ish degF days is demolishing our snowpack but increasing our black ice. I had a very scary time last night trying to back UP a hilly driveway. Gravity was Not My Friend. Today I made sure to be home before sunset. Tomorrow night may be tricky – we’re going to dinner after seeing George Takei and the Baltimore Symphony.

    It is amazing, however, how much more pleasant it is to run errands in the sunny warmth. I am not looking forward to the Polar vortex revisiting MD next week.

  9. It hit 70-something F in the sun today. When I eventually woke up (bad night led to late sleep), my mom and I walked to the library and back, shopping along the way and enjoying a gorgeous day. Next Wednesday the rain is supposed to move back in for a week – which is excellent for gardens and reservoirs, but less pleasant for walking (or working in said gardens).

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