Friday morning cat tangle

Early today, Trooper declared his supremacy over the String, by placing himself squarely on top of it.  During the course of our breakfast, Sprite conducted several campaigns to try to win the String back.  All were met with failure.  This is the last soiree.  Note that the Stuffed Bunny has joined the fray, apparently on Sprite’s side, since he seems to be biting Trooper’s tail.

The tangle for dominion of The String Photo by Sharon Lee
The tangle for dominion of The String
Photo by Sharon Lee


Later, resigned to this momentary setback in her plans for World Dominion, Princess Sprite naps in the window.

Napping in the window Photo by Sharon Lee
Napping in the window
Photo by Sharon Lee

Edited to Add:  Steve says:
For those following along at home … it appears that the tiny kitty in question — from tip of tail to tip of toe — measured exactly four feet ( yes, 48 inches) …

2 thoughts on “Friday morning cat tangle”

  1. I love the paw on the sill. It’s “I could open this if I wanted to. And had thumbs. Hint.”

  2. Cute pics! But … strings can be really dangerous for cats. Our Maggie swallowed several inches of a ribbon, resulting in a VERY expensive middle-of-the-night visit to VHUP, which was concerned about it strangling the intestines. All came out okay in the end (literally), but it was a scary wait. I figure anyone who’s cared for as many cats as you guys probably knows the danger, but I’d never forgive myself for not posting if something happened to one of your cats because I didn’t. And it might keep someone else from finding out the hard way. 🙁

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