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Edited to add:  I’ve been on the road most of the day, so am just picking this back up now.  I regret that I did not know this morning that the sale, below, is only for existing Audible customers.

But, wait! That’s not all!  Thanks to diligent legwork done by a Friend of Liad while I was off driving up and down Maine, it appears that even if you are an existing Audible customer, the sale website may not be working properly.  Which is to say, you may find that the $4.95 book you placed in your shopping basket is showing up as a $24.95 item.  However, for you, there is a fix.

Contact an Audible Rep via the Chat button, or by calling, and explain the problem, which is known.  You should still be able to get the book at the sale price if you call in the problem before the end of the sale — February 19.

Sorry for all the confusion and next time I’ll try to make sure that the duck under the table Is Too in line before I make an announcement.

Agent of Change only $4.95 at Audible NOW:

Pass it on!

This is the Book of the Century (by which I mean the 20th Century); the book of which Goodreads reviewers variously said:

This is the best book I’ve ever read, and my go-to book if life is getting me down.

Lee and Miller have amazing storytelling skills, and the Liaden Universe is wonderfully detailed. Not only does the plot have depth, but the characters and settings do, too. I literally could not put this book down the first time I read it, and I’ve read it so many times I had to get an electronic version: my book is falling apart!

It’s easy to get so involved with the characters that one is eager to follow them from book to book, and Lee and Miller do not disappoint. There are several novels in the Liaden Universe, and I recommend them all.

I read this book as part of “Partners in Necessity”, and I think that’s a great book to start with.

This series had hundreds of rave reviews and 5-star ratings and is billed as a science fiction adventure story. It seemed to have such a cult following it had to be worth a try. In fact, it’s just a romance and not a very sophisticated one. Even though I’m not a fan of romances, I’ve read enough decent ones to know this isn’t one of them. I just found the whole thing rather silly. Good thing it was free.

If you want a romance, find a better one. And if you want a science fiction adventure there’s nothing here for you.

. . .and hundreds of other things.

So, if you haven’t tried the Liaden Universe® yet, and you need something new to listen to during that long commute, something  surprising and quirky — here’s your chance to get in on the ground floor at a Very Reasonable Price.

And remember!  Agent of Change and Fledgling are available as free ebooks in Kindle format at Amazon and in every ebook flavor known to man from the Baen Free Library!

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  1. Wow! What a difference of opinion. I agree with the first review of course. Already bought mine. I think the sale only lasts until midnight, the 18th. Hope it’s not snowing there and you are all well.

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