Mozart Report and Publishing Seasons

Steve and I took Mozart to the vet this morning; he was crying for food, but when offered, rejected it, except for a few cat treats.  Since we’ve been giving him medicine to increase his appetite and pain medicine, it seemed like either the appetite increaser had stopped working, or the pain (if he’s in pain, which we don’t know; we only know that the pain medicine seems to make him rest easier) was trumping the hunger-pangs.

I, being the pessimist in the family, didn’t expect to bring Mozart home with us today, and I’m very pleased to report that the vet had another plan of treatment, which includes increasing the pain meds, and stopping the appetite increaser.  While he was there, the vet also hydrated him and gave him a shot of something that will settle his stomach, in case that’s an issue.

Five minutes.  If he could just talk to us for five minutes

Right now, he’s in his spot in my office next to the radiator, sleeping.

For those collecting all the cards, the diagnosis is kidney failure.  While Mozart’s numbers are nowhere near as Scary as Socks’ were when we lost him early last year, he is on a decline.  He’ll also be sixteen years old on the first of March.  What we’re doing here is palliative care; nobody expects to win; we’re aiming at keeping him with us for as long as is feasible, without subjecting him to cruelty or pain.

* * *

A couple days ago, I reported that my editor at Baen had let slip that Carousel Seas, the last book in the Carousel trilogy would be coming out in Fall, rather than in January 2015.

In one of those rare cases of mutual misunderstanding, we both happen to be right.

Simon and Schuster, which of course distributes Baen Books, has but three seasons in its year.  Happily for them, they have no Winter.

For future reference, here are the Publishing Seasons:

Spring: February through May
Summer: June through September
Fall: October through January

So!  Carousel Seas will indeed be published in January 2015, or Fall, according to Simon and Schuster.

Everybody confused now?


7 thoughts on “Mozart Report and Publishing Seasons”

  1. Only three seasons??? My head is spinning! I will pounce and enjoy it immensely when it *does* appear 🙂 Working my way through Sun right now–slowly so I don’t *miss* things. Loving every moment!

    Scritches to Mozart! I bet he sometimes thinks “Just 5 minutes–If they could speak fluent feline for 5 minutes!” My Sully and I had one of those “conversations” the other day where I was speaking human and she was speaking feline–both sides clearly frustrated at not *getting their point across*!

  2. I’m sorry about Mozart though glad he is out of pain for now.
    You publishing schedule sounds like a bartering session:

  3. Good wishes for Mozart, that is tough. I’ve been through it several times and am sort of glad that the oldest cats I currently have are six. (Siegfried and Yum! are siblings.)


  4. No Winter? Now if we could just convince the Weather Gods!
    When Mozart wakes give a scritch from all his fans.

  5. Get the vet to let you bring hydration stuff home with you. It is really easy to do and helps the cat a lot. I was hydrating one of my previous cats for 18 months. It is a simple IV bag and needle that goes into the scruff of their neck. It doesn’t hurt them–they just dislike it if the fluid is cold or they don’t want to sit there until it is done.

  6. I hope Mozart feels better soon. It’s hard when they get older.
    Lots more winter needed here! I am very happy to hear rain on the roof after 54 days without it. If there were no winter my tulips wouldn’t bloom and I’d miss them.

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