Today is yesterday’s tomorrow

Today! Jasmine Sprite, Princess of the Night, Warrior Princess of East Winslow, Nemesis of the Springs, Scourge of Lizards, Professor of Centrifugal Studies, and Brat, celebrates the conclusion of her second month, and the beginning of her third month of residency at the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory.

All hail, Princess Sprite.

Coincidentally, today also sees the publication of “The Gift of Music” at, at noon EST.  The story may be read for free, no sign-ups, no fees.  Sprite thinks this is part of her Royal Celebrations, and we’re just letting her think that, OK?

If you like the story, feel free to pass the link on to friends, and others who partake of fantasy and science fiction.

Now, here’s a picture of the Princess, to tide y’all over until noon, when the story publishes:

The Princess is IN  SMALL



5 thoughts on “Today is yesterday’s tomorrow”

  1. When you said Nemesis of Springs, I was thinking she didn’t like water but then I remembered the Slinky thingies. THOSE springs!!! IneedMoreCoffee

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