To-Do, with Snow

If it’s December in Maine, it must be snowing, right?

And it is!  Snowing, that is.  Accumulations of 1-3 inches, say the Weatherbeans, which is, yanno, more of a Practice Snow.

So, today, I have a to-do list, which I fear I will not accomplish fully, but it’s good to have goals, right?

I will say that throwing One’s “outline” away was the right thing to do; I’m now back up to 1,000 words a day, from a grind of 500 or less.  Realsoonnow, I need to get back on the 2,000+ word-a-day diet, but right now I’m just happy that the characters have come back from lunch break.  Also, I got to write a Very Cool Scene, so it’s all good.

Steve and I braved the crowds yesterday to hit the grocery store, in anticipation of today’s promised snow, and, while we were out, we visited TJ Maxx.  There we purchased an AM/FM/CD/MP3 stereo clock radio, which will shortly be placed in the living room and, in beautiful theory, give the general household access to music, an access we lost when the last CD stereo blew out.  As much as we like music in this house, you’d’ve thought we would have done something about it before now, but apparently some things Take Time.

Anyway, today’s task list looks kinda like this:

1Write and publish InfoDump #103
2.  Address Yule cards
3Perform various Necessary Services for Felinekind
4.  Laundry
5Write the next scene
6. Update the side links at Eagles Over the Kennebec
7Dishes?  Nah, all of us know that ain’t happening today  Surprise!

Hope everybody had a lovely Thanksgiving/Thursday and a relaxing weekend.

* * *

Progress on One of Five
12,392/100,000 words OR 12.39% COMPLETED

“Shocking,” Father murmured, his silver eyes half-closed. “But tell me how you will turn this sad situation to your hand.”

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