Liaden Universe® InfoDump Number 103

The following message from the Uncle has just arrived:

/We’ve arranged for our order of Carousel Sun by Sharon Lee (sequel to Carousel Tide) to be shipped from the bindery to the author for signature and then shipped on to us. If you pre-order a copy before the end of December and request a personalization as well as a signature, we’ll try to arrange it. The book won’t be shipped until around the end of January or beginning of February, and you can continue to order a signed copy until we’re sold out. But if you wait until January to order a copy, you won’t get a personalized copy. (Yes, we still have signed hardcover copies of the last 2 Liaden Universe® novels by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.) The link to all the signed Lee & Miller stuff is on the Browse Our New Books page./
/Best regards,/
/Don Blyly/
/Uncle Hugo’s Science Fiction Bookstore/

*Here’s the bullet-point version:*

1. You may now pre-order a signed copy of /Carousel Sun/ from Uncle Hugo’s Bookstore via this link:

2. You may also, for a limited time, have your pre-ordered signed book *PERSONALIZED.* “Personalized” means you ask the author to write something special on the title page //in addition to// their name. These can be as simple as, “To Marge,” and as complex as “To Marge in memory of that night in Seattle.” Fair Warning: As the Signing Author, Sharon reserves the right //not// to inscribe a book with a personalization she finds to be, in her sole judgment: (1) offensive, (2) too long, (3) anything else. In such cases, she will sign your book — period. You will use the Special Instructions box on the order form to write out your personalization — /PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPELLING/, because Sharon is going to assume that you’ve typed it out /exactly/ as you want it.

3. **THERE IS A DEADLINE INVOLVED** if you want your pre-ordered signed copy of /Carousel Sun/ **personalized**. That deadline is *DECEMBER 31, 2013*. So you need to do this now.

4. There will only be a limited number of signed copies of /Carousel Sun/ available, they will only be available through Uncle Hugo’s SF Bookstore in Minneapolis. The exact number of signed copies available depends upon how many are pre-ordered. So, sooner is better than later to order, if you want a signed copy.


6. The Uncle is doing me — and you! — a pretty substantial favor here, so please be courteous. And while you’re at the Lee-and-Miller book page that the link above leads to, take a few minutes to look around.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Newest Liaden Universe(R) novel Trade Secret hit the Bookscan Bestseller List for Science Fiction at Number 6 (the unsigned edition) AND Number 30 (the signed edition)!

Thanks to *EVERYONE* who made this possible!


The trade paper edition of /Carousel Sun/ will be published on February 4, 2014. I have heard a rumor that there will be an Audible edition, out at about the same time.

The eBook edition of /Carousel Sun/ will be available a few weeks ahead of the paper publication.

The eARC of /Carousel Sun/ is available directly from Baen. . .RIGHT NOW. Here’s the link:

Remember, Lee and Miller, and Lee, novels are available in:
Paper Editions! at your favorite bookstore
Electronic Editions! direct from Baen in the format of your choice, from BN, Amazon, iTunes, Blio and others
Audio Editions! direct from

And! Lee and Miller eChapbooks are available from Pinbeam Books:

Also? If someone in your life has not yet encountered the Liaden Universe(R) — Steve, Sharon, and Baen want to give them a present! electronic editions of AGENT OF CHANGE and of FLEDGLING — FREE! The free editions may be downloaded from Baen, in the format of choice, and from BN, Amazon, iTunes, Blio, and others.


Lee and Miller’s /The Tomorrow Log/ will be available from on December 3, 2013 (/that’s Tuesday!/), narrated By Kevin T. Collins.


Steve and Sharon will be attending the following conventions, as panelists:

*Boskone 51* (, February 14-16, 2014, Boston MA
*DetCon 1* (, the North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC), July 17-20, Detroit MI


The *publication schedule* (aka When Things Are Available for Purchase/Reading) now looks like this:

*November 2013*: /Trade Secret/ hardcover, ebook, and audiobook
*December 3, 2013*: /The Tomorrow Log/ audiobook
*January 2014*: /A Liaden Universe® Constellation Volume 2 /tradepaper
*January 15, 2014*: “The Gift of Music,” free short story, Baen website
*February 2014*: /Carousel Sun/ tradepaper, ebook (audiobook?)
*March 2014*: /Necessity’s Child/ mmp
*January 2015*: /Carousel Seas /tradepaper, ebook

Here is the *delivery schedule* for the next five Liaden Universe® novels (aka the date that each novel is due in Madame the Editor’s hands):

*May 15, 2014*: First of Five
*February 15, 2015*: Second of Five
*November 15, 2015*: Third of Five
*August 15, 2016*: Fourth of Five
*May 15, 2017*: Fifth of Five

Blogs and Other Webly Things of Note
Theo_Waitley is the discussion group for readers of Fledgling and Saltation:
Where Dragons Rest:
Steve Miller’s blog, Journeyman:
Sharon Lee’s blog, Eagles over the Kennebec:
Sharon Lee’s “Professional” blog:
Splinter Universe Discussion List:

*Facebook Connections — please feel free to add us!* — Steve Miller — Sharon Lee

Pinbeam Books: an online catalog, with vendor links, to all Lee-and-Miller eChapbooks
Splinter Universe: features outtakes, splinters, and oddities from the Lee&Miller writing career, currently changes irregularly.
Welcome to Liad — The official homepage for Liaden Universe® news —
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