What I’ll be doing for the next few days

This is Carousel Seas, in manuscript, with attendant files, notepads and pens:

The living room office, with owl
The living room office, with owl

As of this writing, Trooper is on the bed, Mozart is on the floor and in motion,  Scrabble sleeps with the heffalumps and peace reigns at the Cat Farm.  Mozart is sounding a little hoarse this morning, but I haven’t heard a curse word out of him this morning.  The squirt bottle is primed, just in case.

Once again, this:

Close up of the project in hand.  With Owl.
Close up of the project in hand. With owl.

…is what is going to be occupying most of my attention for the immediate future, so I’ll be scarce.  It’s possible — well, probable — that we’ll take a couple hours off on Wednesday, because — The Lone Ranger.  I’d hate to tell you how very much I want to see this movie, then it’ll be back to work.  With luck and a tailwind — and the minimum of Cat Drama — the completed manuscript should be ready to hand in by July 15.

So!  What’re your big plans for the coming week?


7 thoughts on “What I’ll be doing for the next few days”

  1. Revisions. Lots and lots of revisions. Also an MRI for the neck that’s been giving me serious heck for 9 months.

  2. The Lone Ranger looks like a ROLICKING GOOD TIME. Also, Johnny Depp shirtless and painted with clay. Doing awesome stunts. And, Clever Talking.

    What’s not to like?

    Here’s hoping things go well, and Elizabeth finds something simple and easily treatable for the neck of ouchies.

  3. Here, the plan is various and sundry odd jobs about the house and grounds. Among those, oil changes and lifting a car out of the mud and grass, some gardening, and plumbing repairs. Sounds like too much fun to have after a week at Resident Scout Camp…….but more than do-able.

  4. Destruction and rebuild of the master (?) bedroom after 38 years of clutter and leaky windows. After finding a place for everything in it pending the work, the construction itself will be the easy part.

  5. Good luck with the editing Sharon. We’re keeping our fingers crossed there won’t bee too much Drama from the cats.

    We will be staying inside (hiding) until the temperature drops below 100F. We’re expecting 108 today and continuing to increase until next Thursday when it oughta drop to 99 or so…

  6. Did anyone else stroke the screen picture of the manuscript and whisper “precious”? No…just me….ok moving right along. I hope the editing goes smoothly and the cats remember their dignity during the process. Just working and spending time with kidlets here.

  7. Hopefully a jaunt to the Oregon coast to escape the possible triple digit heat on Tuesday. We will leave the cat in charge of the air-conditioners. . . . The holiday ritual of making potato salad with my mom on July 4th as my husband must work his regular night schedule.

    And the cat is attempting to convince the weather gods to drop the temps realsoonnow!

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