For the good of the Troop

So, we wandered down to our neighboring lovely state of New Hampster, where we were interviewed by Trooper, Nate, and Missy, Rita, Kelly, and Kim.  They decided that they would allow us to bring Trooper home, so we did that.

This is Trooper:

Trooper exploring office
Trooper exploring office

He’s looking up at Mozart, who was cursing at him from on top of the file cabinet.  Mozart’s not usually a curser, and the high, squeaky voice does lend a certain. . .piquancy.  Still, he got his point across.  Trooper’s voice is kind of a mellow honking sound — very charming.  Mozart was. . .nonplussed, but did not descend from the file cabinet.

Here’s Mozart on top of the file cabinet:

Mozart being annoyed
Mozart being annoyed

Here’s another picture of Trooper, who really likes my blue oriental rug:

Trooper on the blue rug
Trooper on the blue rug

Right now, relative peace reigns.  Trooper is on the copilot’s chair and Mozart remains on the file cabinet, but has decided to ignore the fact that there is Another Cat in the room.

In a strange reversal of roles, Scrabble is perfectly OK with the fact that there is a Third! Cat! in the house, and has allowed Trooper to pass her several times, unmolested and uncommented-upon.

I’m hoping the drama will be well in the past by tomorrow this time.  I’ve never known Mozart to hold a grudge even half that long.


2 thoughts on “For the good of the Troop”

  1. I like his attitude. Many cats would have found a place to hide untill the newness went away. Trooper looks like he’s taking it all in stride.

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