Born on a mountain top in Tennessee

So, yesterday was a previously-arranged Day in the South to do the accumulated Southern errands, and, ohbytheway to stop by Pine Point and Old Orchard Beach, Camp Ellis and the Great City of Saco, to make sure everything there was all right and tight.

I’m pleased to report that we look to be in good shape to meet the summer.

Tide's REALLY out. Old Orchard Beach May 7, 2013, about 4 p.m.
Tide’s REALLY out. Old Orchard Beach
May 7, 2013, about 4 p.m.


This morning, we took Mozart to the vet.  He has not recovered his spirits since Socks left us, and even though we’re giving him lots of Mozart time and flying mouse (Mozart is not a fan of the Red Dot; Scrabble, however, is a Mighty Red Dot Hunter), he clings and cries and is clearly unhappy about something.

On examination, the vet finds him to be in pretty good shape, for an Elder Cat; his teeth are good, his heart sounds strong, lungs clear.  There’s what might be a touch of arthritis in his right hip, but, really, at 15, you can expect to be a touch stiff.

The vet did do blood work, and we’ll hear back about those results this afternoon.

In the meantime, we have an email interview to finish up for the BEA, and I’ve gotta get some  work done.

Hope everyone is having a reasonably enjoyable day.

2 thoughts on “Born on a mountain top in Tennessee”

  1. Our cat has all but abandoned her stuffed toys to concentrate on becoming a Mighty Red Dot Hunter. She does like to watch miniature helicopters fly around the room though.

  2. We were in Scarborough and South Portland Friday afternoon through Saturday morning. House Concert by John Roberts. Very good. Sometime we have to arrange to get together when we’re both in that area.

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