Blowing through

My intention is to be off the interwebs today, so that I may beat feet on Carousel Seas.

However, it occurred to me that I failed to update Mozart’s Fans regarding the results of his blood work, yesterday.

Everything is normal, normal, normal.  Kidney values are high normal, which means Keeping  A Close Eye, but even these aren’t unexpected in a fifteen year old cat.

The sadness is probably just that; he misses having another guy around to help him “know his place,” as the vet put it.  We pointed out that Scrabble keeps him in his place, but apparently that wasn’t exactly what he meant.

I did just drop by the cat hammock to ask if Mozart had a few words for his fans, but Mozart is not granting interviews today.  Below is a picture, illicitly taken by a paparazzi.

No interviews, please
No interviews, please

And, now?  I’m turning the internet OFF.

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