Mozart, After; plus bonus pics!

Mozart is home from his ordeal and is of course exhausted.  Here, he observes the gooshy food that ought to be his, except that his sub-intelligent and unfeeling minion has instead given to Socks.

Mozart's new look
Mozart’s new look

Here’s Socks, trying not to look too smug:

Socks, being not very smug
Socks, being not very smug

Scrabble stole a march on everyone by sneaking into my Mozart’s her rocking chair while the Silly Fluffs argued over food.

Scrabble in the comfy chair
Scrabble in the comfy chair

…this has been your Thursday afternoon cat report from the Cat Farm and Confusion Factory.

You’re welcome.

One thought on “Mozart, After; plus bonus pics!”

  1. God, he looks like a sheep after shearing. I do not blame him for being annoyed!

    Harvey (with two short-haired alley cats.)

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