Recap with storm warning

Oh, let’s see.

On Tuesday Monday, Steve and I went into town to do some minor grocery shopping and pick up a music stand.  We had noticed that Socks hadn’t asked for breakfast, but sometimes he, like me, doesn’t want to be bothered with breakfast, so we didn’t think much of it.

We were brought to a realization of our error when we returned home some hours later, groceries in arms.  Socks was clearly in distress and, it being Christmas Eve, our local vet was naturally closed.

So, we took a road trip down to Lewiston, to see the kind and competent folks at the Animal Emergency Clinic of Mid-Maine.  Five hours and one-hundred-thirty-odd miles later, and one-hundred-fifty-eight dollars lighter, we were back at the Cat Farm, Socks much improved, though of course worn out by his ordeal.

Socks sleeping off his adventure.
Socks sleeping off his adventure.

Yesterday, we took a half-day off to watch “Singing in the Rain,” and play the inaugural game on our new double-Scrabble.  Yes, we are slackers.

First Game on New Board, December 25, 2012
First Game on New Board, December 25, 2012

Today, we’re under a Winter Storm Warning as the Wicked Weather that’s been pacing up the coast finally reaches us, on the overnight.  We’re looking at up to sixteen inches of snow, over Thursday and early Friday, which suddenly takes the week down from four mailing days to um, today, so if I want to mail these things this year, I’d better get crackin’.

Hope those who celebrate had a lovely holiday, and that the weather where you are hasn’t been dreadful.

2 thoughts on “Recap with storm warning”

  1. Oh! I hope Socks makes a full recovery!

    Holiday adventures, no rest for the awesome, etc…. I am resigned to the fact that our “holiday” cards will now be “new year” greetings!

  2. Oh, dear, Sharon, I hope Socks is okay. The critters never seem to get sick during normal vet hours, do they? I too am a slacker. I took time off yesterday to watch Les Miserables. Excellent.

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