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Asyouknowbob, Steve and I will be hosting a Liaden Universe® Silver Anniversary party at Boskone.  We therefore wish to have available at least one Liaden-themed party game.  Since there’s not likely to be enough space in the room to set up a Sticks table (never mind that I don’t think Massachusetts law allows payouts), and competition knife-throwing is right out, we thought we’d have a basket full of quotations/brief passages available.  The idea would be that a partier would pick up a piece of paper out of the basket, read the quote aloud, and the first person who identifies the book/story from which the quote is taken and/or the character speaking will win the adoration of the rest of the party goers.  Rumor is that we may have prizes available to us, so there exists the chance of a quote-off, also.

So!  We need your help.  Send me your favorite quotes and/or scenes!  Or, actually, post them below this message (note:  I will need the entire quote as it appears in the novel/story *and* the source).

This is, asyoualsoknowbob, a moderated forum.  That means that a human being must clear your comment, so it may not appear immediately.  Never fear, it will appear eventually.

Let the games begin.

25 thoughts on “Help build a party game”

  1. ERM – You might want to have all the submissions appear AFTER the game, otherwise, interested parties could, yaknow, CHEAT! If you do decide to play, PLEASE post the questions and answers you decide to use after the game?

    From Carpe Diem: (you might need to double check my transcription, before you use the quotes)

    “Walk the day in joy, my love.” the way Priscilla bids Shan farewell

    Shan describes him as “the brains to Trealla Fantrol” (he’s speaking of Jeeves)

    “Naw. Just trying to remember the last time somebody picked me up and lived.” “I must have been ten or so.” (Miri, thinking about her mother ref: Katalina Tayzin)

    “She had jammed so much of the stuff into her system by the time Liz had dragged her to rehab, she had barely remembered her own name.” (Cloud (aka Lethecronaxion, Lethe, Now)

    “Tough Guy” (Miri’s name for Val Con. Alternatively “Boss”)

    “A problem in communication. I suggest that the best course is for you to kiss me whenever you wish to do so. In this way you will eventually be able to ascertain when it is I most wish to be kissed.” (Val Con’s proposed solution)

    “I still get a headache when I try to translate from one language to another,” he said. “Speak to me in any tongue I know, and I will answer in that tongue. Ask me what a word in one language means in another, and it may take me hours to decide.”

    “It’s kinda like putting a sticker on the memory, so I remember not to forget it.” (Miri’s memory method)

    First of all, you gotta remember how hard it is to get a straight story out of you. Person could die of old age before she figures out the right question. You manage people—quiet about it—just don’t treat ‘no’ like an answer. And the gods help whoever’s there, you ever let that temper of yours off the leash.” (Miri’s insight into Val Con)

    “Line (redacted) serves Korval,” “Now as ever” (dea’Gauss)

    “you are my wisdom and my laughter, the song of my heart, my home. Best-loved friend; wife and lover . . .” ( Val Con’s declaration)

    She does tend to be extremely concrete in her thinking,” Priscilla said with delight. “Entirely unschooled, but very strong-willed.” (Priscilla of Miri)

    “Weapons are not allowed to be drawn within the borders of Korval’s valley,”

    “Someone’s sitting upstairs, doing circles over the clouds. Not transport class. Say, an unbaffled ship or an out-and-out jet

    “Wind’s sake” (What Zhena Brigsbee says when the King pins on her medal)

    “Do you know what the captain’s prime mandate is, should the ship be breached or need to be abandoned?” he asked. “I’m to go to a certain safe place and remove the stasis box therein, taking it with me to safety. If it should happen that there is no room in the escape pod for the captain, he should hand over the stasis box to another and secure that person’s oath to stand guard over the box until one of Korval should come and relieve him of it.” Shan tipped his head. “Guess what’s in the box, Priscilla.” She did not have to guess. “Seedlings.”

    “Don’t suppose there’s any coffee.” “This is a Liaden ship,” Val Con said, “so it is doubtful.

  2. For Priscilla Mendoza only. Sign here: ——
    (label on package left by Miri Robertson for Priscilla, Carpe Diem)

  3. “The tech knew the rules and had the ear of someone on staff – and that someone had been appropriately notified, dignified and horrified.”

    Crystal Solider – Ch 5 Page 1 or 2.

  4. “The man who was not Terrence O’Grady had come quietly.”
    (Agent of Change, opening line. Because how can you not, even if it’s going to be a straight scramble for who can get the answer out first.)

    “Wanted: CARGO MASTER. Expd only, bckgrd with exotic handcrafts, perfumes, liquers, xenonarcotics. Apply Officer of the Day, Free Trader Salene. No xenophobes, no narcoholics, no politicians. Bring papers. All without papers stay home.”
    (Agent of Change, chapter 4, classified ad in newsfeed)

    “Arrested, I assure you. The details may vary by world, but the larger outlines remain constant: irons, hearings, magistrates, fines — not at all the kind of thing mothers enjoy hearing of, even when it’s carefully explained that your were completely without blame.”
    (Conflict of Honors, 65/143/3/2.00, Shan to Gordy)

    “He asked me to tell you that he believes a successful scout and a successful thief must share certain vital characteristics. He thanks you for the suggestion of an avocation and asks further what he may be honored to steal for you first.”
    (Conflict of Honors, 65/147/3/15.00, dea’Gauss delivering a message from Val Con to Shan)

    “Regret cannot report. Apologies to Commander. File not required that urgently.”
    (Carpe Diem, during Nova’s attempt to log into the Department’s net using Val Con’s ID)

  5. This is currently my favorite quote and I was looking for a place to put it, so your game is timely.

    “If it were true, I would tell you that necessity makes us wise. What I will tell you is that we all do our best; that we all make errors; and that those who love us will forgive us.” I Dare, ch 9, Shan remembering what his father had told him in the past, before allowing Edger to work a Clutch healing up on Val Con. Technically the character speaking is Er Tom in Shan’s memory, so it ought to be an interesting challenge.

    The longer quote is
    “”We do the best that we are able, my child. We make the best decision we may, dependent upon our experience and our training. It is what we owe to kin and to those who reside under our care. If it were true, I would tell you that necessity makes us wise. What I will tell you is that we all do our best; that we all make errors; and that those who love us will forgive us.”

  6. 3 Balance of Trade quotes:

    “Not seemly, but surely warranted, ma’am”
    Jethri to Master ven’Deelin on leaving Modrid Trade Hall after Jethri has been refused Guild status.

    “Learn the names of the things you favor, first. There is all the time you like to learn the names of those things you care for less.”
    Meicha to Jethri at his first outdoor meal on Irikwae.

    “Books are meant to be read, young sir. You honor them – and me – with your interest.”
    Shopkeeper to Jethri on Kailipso Station.

  7. Favorite Quote ever… and I wish that I could keep the rest of the paragraph to mind.
    “I believe that there is a subscription service.”
    GHOST SHIP, pg 225 Baen 2011 hard cover.

    Full text:
    “And if all the children at the port threw themselves on a hotpad, Shannie yos’Galan, would ye be doin’ the same?”
    Theo sighed. “My mother used to say, If everybody on your team falsified their sources, would you do it too?”
    “I believe,” shan said seriously, “that there is a subscription service.”

  8. Not necessarily my favorite, but one I’ve always wondered about the story behind…

    “Did I ever tell you about the time I needed to roll five sevens in a row to stay out of trouble?”

    (Full quote: Carpe Diem, Del Rey first ed, p. 240:
    “Great,” Miri said. “Did I ever tell you about the time I needed to roll five sevens in a row to stay out of trouble?”

    “Did you?”

    “No. Rolled four.”

    “Ah — and then?”

    “I had some trouble.”)

  9. I was concerned that choosing only one favorite would be difficult, there are so many quotable quotes in the Liaden Universe. But I found that I do have clear first and second favorites. Bob already beat me to my first favorite (Er Tom to Shan in I Dare), but here is my second favorite:

    “Youth is a circumstance that time corrects, and experience teaches us to err again along a different vector.” The Uncle to Daav yos’Phelium, Ghost Ship pg 426 in the 2012 Baen Paperback.

    Long quote:
    “It may be that you concern yourself unnecessarily,” Uncle said. “I speak as one who has endured many changes. Very often change is merely–change, precipitating no calamity, although certainly requiring adaptation. Bechimo was built as an agent of change. In hindsight it would seem that we built too early, or were too open regarding our intentions. It may be that, now, Bechimo’s proper time is now upon us.”

    “Pilot Waitley is younger even than I,” Daav yos’Phelium pointed out.

    “She is, ans she will undoubtedly make errors. However, youth is a circumstance that time corrects, and experience teaches us to err again along a different vector.”

    Actually, the long quote encompasses what might well be my third favorite: “Very often change is merely–change, precipitating no calamity, although certainly requiring adaptation.”

    A few pages later is one of the many memorable quotes that amuse, but do not rise to the level of favorite:

    “If the captain has you shot, you have my permission to bludgeon me to death.” Val Con to Nelirikk, Ghost Ship, pg 431.

  10. This is really a trick to get us to re-read our favorite books, isn’t it?

    Not a favorite quote, but a memorable one, something to pull out next time I am among family, and I think a good entry for a trivia game:

    “Sister, the song of my heart achieves fullness in your presence.”

    Edger to Miri. I dare, pg 15, Ace paperback 2003

  11. “Let us return to ‘No’, it has the charm of brevity”
    Shan’s Mother? I don’t rightly recall where this is.

    Any description of a nerligig

  12. The quote:
    “All is rarely well, young sir. At times matters are more well, and at other times, less.”
    Ban Del pak’Ora speaking to young Val Con, in the short story “Intelligent Design”

    The full reference:

    “Good morning, Mr. pak’Ora,” he said returning the courtesy. “I wonder—if you please—if all is well.”

    “Well.” He said the word as if it tasted sour, and sighed slightly. “All is rarely well, young sir. At times matters are more well, and at other times, less.”

    “Is this one of those times when matters are less well?” Val Con asked, and hastily added, lest he be judged impertinent, “I inquire only so I might offer appropriate assistance.”

    Mr. pak’Ora’s mouth tightened. Perhaps he meant it for a smile.

    “Matters are . . . in a state of change. My delm has called me home.”

  13. “Sit the board serene, Pilot. Sometimes, it is wisdom to do nothing.”- Anthora to Ren Zel, on the occasion of their lifemating. I Dare.

    The quote from Er Thom to Shan on the subject of error and forgiveness. It has been covered, but it means a great deal to me.

    “Oh, there’s nothing to that. It’s only a matter of asking the right questions.” – Val Con to Anthora, on the subject of ‘not getting boiled and ritually eaten?’ I Dare.

    {“Learning how to ask the right questions” is a most concise statement of a powerful lesson.}

    “Can he shoot?
    Will he aim at your enemy?” – Yeah, well, you didn’t specify a level of difficulty.

    “Hworked treedays, mysel, liddle miz, donya haz to hwork toady yuwon boozrazzle, Payada ferya, feesya, an feelya fine. Gotz heat,gotz smokes, gotz debigbed, yez, no bliz tashov, no dreamslong.” – a passerby to Vertu in Skyblaze.
    {in balance}

    “Worse, how am I to do a brother’s duty and aid you in ruining yourself unles I Know All? – Daav to Er Thom.
    Full Quote: Darling, what mad coil have you tangled yourself in? Almost, he could hear Daav’s voice through the screen–and smiled. Worse, how am I to do a brother’s duty and aid you in ruining yourself unles I Know All? Worse still, I have informed your mother my aunt of your return date and the concomitant arrival of a guest, from which interview I barely escaped with my life. Please believe me willing to die for you, but may I at least know for what cause?”—-Local Custom

    (It is a terrible thing for a delm to have a brother. The relationships and melanti fascinate.)

    “Bow to necessity, divine. The universe is dangerous.” Clonak to Aelliana, on the subject of learning to fight. -Scout’s Progress

  14. “Ever look forward to a day,” Miri murmured to Val Con, “when you won’t get shoved around?” Carpe Diem

    “You willnot, say those words to this zhena.” Val con to Salissa. Carpe Diem

    “You understand my words?” Val con to Salissa. Carpe Diem

  15. Sooo many choices….
    Here’s one from This House, With Stars Underfoot chapbook: “In the end, it came to my choice. Did I bide and share in our love, for as long we both remained? Or turn my face aside, from the fear that someday he might be gone?”

    And another from Prodigal Son, Allies chapbook: “Dog of a Liaden, prepare to die,” said by Nelirikk.

    This one from Eidolen, in Persistence: “The door closed behind Beba as she vowed to never again to live where ignorance was winning”.

  16. “But that’s not her fault, is it? People can’t change their faces, can they? If they can, I want to know why I wasn’t told about it.”
    – Shan to Kayzin, Conflict of Honors p. 56, Del Rey pback 1988.


    “I will not, she informed the room, “sanction hysterics.” Priscilla

    I don’t remember it exactly but Priscilla used to ’embrace serenity firmly.’ and it always made me think of putting meditation in a half-nelson so it wouldn’t get away — tickled me to death. 🙂

  18. “Who wants it least will do it best.”

    The Rule of Succession, quoted by Syl Vor in Necessity’s Child. Good for Delms and Bosses. Chapter 7.

  19. Alone and weaponless, he held the planet.
    (Nelirikk PLAN B)

    “…I fell on him like the mountain coming down. Seemed like a good idea, but, damn, then I had to carry him out!” (Jason Carmody PLAN B)

  20. I’m not as sure as I’d like to be that these are helpful, but here’s a handful of (for me) memorable bits, all from Local Custom, the Ace paperback edition:

    Er Thom bowed slightly, granting permission to wonder
    pg 2

    he’s got more manners than a load of orangutans
    pg 11, said by Brellick Gare, Port Master of proziski to Anne while introducing Er Thom

    Step this way, and keep an eye out for falling philosophers
    pg 21, unnamed person, introducing Er Thom

    “The clan knows,” he said softly, “because I know; cares because I care.”
    pg 34, Er Thom to Anne

    It was a measure of her uneasiness that she sought comfort in the dialect of her childhood.
    pg 40, Anne to herself

    A variation, he thought, would add piquancy to a game of spite and dislike that had become all too predictable.
    pg 48, Daav to himself, about Kareen

    “Leave eating and talking at the same time to the experts – like Jerzy.”
    pg 54, said by Anne to Shan

    But what were promises, she thought dizzily, where there was melant’i to keep?
    pg 63, Anne to herself

    continued on next rock…

  21. More from Local Custom, the Ace paperback printing:

    He is young, you see, though not entirely untried. Indeed, he may have the ability to achieve master rank. It is the duty of one already master to give him opportunity to expand himself and hone his talent – but not too quickly.
    pg 95, Er Thom speaking to Shan about Dil Ton sig’Erlan

    Eventually she nodded off in the warm sun and slept so soundly she did not hear either the arrival of the omnichora or of the technician hastily summoned to tend to the Bronze Room’s acoustics.
    pg 98, Petrilla

    The music built of its own will, weaving a tapestried wall of sound that shielded her from her weary thoughts.
    pg 99, Anne

    “A plan. Even a good plan. Let’s see how it holds up to practical usage.”
    pg 100, Anne, to Er Thom regarding Shan’s bedtime

    “Chiat’a bel kruzon, denubia,” he replied and was so lost to propriety that the endearment passed his lips without awakening the least quiver of shame.
    pg 106, Er Thom, to Anne

    Those who would seize joy must expect a tumble or two.
    pg 108, Daav, to Olwin

    But Er Thom was fully back in the pilot’s beautiful, unfathomable dance and gave no sign that he heard her.
    pg 115

    Not a beautiful face, but, rather, an interesting face – intelligent and humorous, enlivened by a pair of speaking brown eyes, with a sweetness about the mouth that did much towards balancing the stubborn jaw.
    pg 151, Petrilla, upon first seeing Anne Davis

    But he was saved from that bit of fancy dancing by the advent of Mr. pak’Ora, come to say that Prime meal awaited them in the dining room.
    p158 about Daav, while speaking to Anne

    (this was fun! now, back to work for me…)

  22. “I beg your pardon, but you will not tell me whom I love—or why!”
    The longer passage is:
    “You do not love me!” she interrupted. “It is the woman I was two days gone that you love—craven, shaking, and in need of protection!”
    Shock chilled him, followed hard by anger.
    “I beg your pardon, but you will not tell me whom I love—or why!”
    Aelliana’s eyes widened, but she did not step back—and that, he thought distantly, was well. It was ill-done to run from a Dragon.
    From Mouse and Dragon

    He lifted an eyebrow. “Not too bad, for someone who is stupid.”
    “Bastard.” But she was grinning. “Though you told me Liadens were polite.”
    “Formality,” he said, pausing to stretch, “must never be confused with courtesy.”
    From Carpe Diem

    “My hunch is that we are trouble; events flow roughly around us because we seize every opportunity.”
    From Carpe Diem

    “It is true that Shan and I tended to embrace—inappropriate—necessities,” he murmured; “but Nova was quite well-behaved as a child.” A ripple of the shoulders. “Mostly.”
    From Plan B

  23. Also:

    Sheather lay his hand flat, feeling the tiny rug fibers prick his palm. So many small bits of fluff, united in will to become a carpet!
    from Plan B

    There was no cat under the bunk. There was no cat in the ‘fresher. Truly, his cabin was catless. As it should be.
    from I Dare

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